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The Railroad Line Announces New Administrators !!!

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    Congrats to all 3 members. Great choices. They will do an oustanding job.


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      Three excellent craftsmen and teachers. This forum will continue its tradition with these fellows at the switch.


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        Congratulations to our new administrators! Good choices for sure.

        On another matter--I do not know any other way besides posting here to tell an Admin that I am NOT receiving ANY email notifications for new posts to subscribed threads. Can somebody help me with that? Notifications stopped today sometime. Many thanks.

        It\'s a great day whenever steam heads out into the timber!


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          Stu, I think Joe is doing some behind the scenes work on the forum.

          Hopefully he'll see this and confirm that.

          Send me a PM if you are still not getting notification emails in a day or two.
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            Sounds great... but we expect to see them doing some "building" post as well.... yes that means you too, John!


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              i am working on the email issue...

              thanks for your patience !



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                awesome to hear, Mike is looking down and he knows you guys can do the job.....


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                  Originally posted by Admin

                  I am a new hire and would please like to have a photo album privliges. Also, I been trying to add a photo to a post and have had no luck.

                  I have read and re-read and re-read again all the

                  instructions on how to, but yet kepp geting denied. and told there is an error??????

                  Any assistance would be appreciated....Thanks very much.Ted DiMone, Quarter Gauger 48



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                    Ted, you don't need a photo album to post pictures.

                    Matter of fact, the photo album function doesn't work for everyone anyway.

                    The two biggest problems is file size and the name of your picture.

                    The picture's file size can't be any bigger than 200kb.

                    If you resize your pictures to 800 pixels on the longest side and save it at a medium resolution you should be under 200kb.

                    The name of the picture can only use letters and number.

                    Don't use - or , or ' or anything else that's not a letter in the name.

                    Any questions let us know.
                    Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
                    FaceBook link: