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Track cleaning car price?

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  • Track cleaning car price?


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    I paid almost $100 for the one I use now.

    And I had to fab a body for that one.

    If yours was better - $100 no problem.

    I would shoot for that price point or less.

    Of course iron clad guarantee and an in depth show and tell here would also help.



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      Rich, I use a Tony's Train Exchange Clean Machine, which cost about $100 if memory serves me correctly. It works pretty well, but does have a pad you have to change out and one time it did snag on a turnout. Something in that ballpark, I guess...


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        I would guess in the 60-100 dollar range. Assuming it worked well, my estimate is 3-5% of model railroaders with a layout, would buy it the first year. Then depending on the reviews you might get as high as 25-30%.

        You might talk directly with Walthers product promotion department for more information. I am sure they can give you the best idea of sales potential.

        Hope this helps


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          I just got back from the Springfield train show and while there picked up a new track cleaning car called the Trackman2000. My HO version was 45 bucks and when I tried it out last night on the layout found it works GREAT! They have a website, and email I'm not an easy sell when it comes to such frivolities, but this one is a winner...and at half the price. Do we really need to reinvent the wheel? Essentially it is a Bright Boy on a sled. But it works!
          Howard Goodwin


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            i know for me a $100 is too much. a lot of them are in this price range and it is the main reason that i don't own one...

            i too have been looking at a "home made" solution, that would allow the car to be moved without cleaning or dragging the pads (or whatever configuration you use).

            i would think that a $40 range is better... but if you can folks to pay $100, more power to ya!

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              I printd the info on the HO &N scale Trackman2000 cleaner.

              A couple of things I have often wondered about whether one hand uses a BriteBoy y hand or drags-pushes some version of the cleaner around his track:

              Why no stepped-adjustable BriteBoy type cleaner which also would clean the inside edge of the rails and not just the top surface?

              IF wheels and track are gauged properly, isn't some contact also made on the inside flange of the rails?

              Why also are the track cleaners full width when only less than 1/4" atop the rail surface is actually DOING any cleaning?

              Abrasive cleaners do wea and get dirty and so the adjusable feature seen on some of the drag-push along units is good.

              Cleaning with denatured alcohol(not isopropyl) helps keep the abrasive surface clean and ready for it's job.

              Wheel and pickup cleaning with an occasional vacuuming of the trackage is the other part of the equation..On large layouts, in tunnels, spirals the physical vacuuming of the trackage can be difficuly and time consuming.

              A small, battery operated vacuum with a shourt hose-brush attachment work well..Don't such the landscape off, but picks up dust, grit and debris which inevitably accumulates trackside.jim