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  • Friday Lounge!

    Hurray, it's Friday!![^] And a good morning to all my friends. Multigrain cinnamon flapjacks with pecans are waiting for you (they really are good!! ) with coffee and OJ.

    Well the start of the day here in mid-Michigan is very pretty, albeit still a little on the cold side. Guess it's going to get up into the upper 60s and the weekend is looking pretty nice.

    I've been adding more customer sidings on the mainline on the upper deck of the railroad. If I keep adding them at this rate, I'll need to split the customers up and run two locals to take care of business!! That's always a good thing I guess!

    Hope all have a great day![^]
    Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

    Andy Keeney

    Dewitt, MI

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    MMMMMMMMMMM flapjacks sound good, a little maple syrup (B) black coffee and your set for the day. Today I will paint the HO figures to complete my diorama. (still don't have courage to post pictures) Dito on yesterdays weather this is spring in TX. All the Gulf moisture funnels up to central TX,mmmm I can smell the oil, reminds me of a steamer in action. (kidding about the oil smell) Have a blessed day.


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      Good morning Andy and Andy . Today it will get up to 93 in Raleigh. I hope it cools down tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow, I hope to finish the hidden staging on my new layout. I can't wait to start on the main (topside) part.

      Have a good weekend.

      Regards, Vic Bitleris


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        Good Friday Morning Everyone.

        71 under partly cloudy skys heading to 78 under partly sunny skys.

        Thanks for opening Andy. Those pancakes sound good so I'll have a stack along with some OJ and a coffee.

        I have some running to do this morn and stop and get a hair cut. After that it garden and yard work. Hopefully when I get done with a few more thing I have to hit the lakes. I getting the itch to go play with Musky. The wife's cold is slowly getting better. At least she can go to bed without coughing her head off.

        MRC has some good articles and it's nice to sit on the swing and read in the early evening.

        Time for another coffee and look over thew forum. Have a good day and God Bless.
        Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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          No rain in the forcast and hi 70's today in northern ohio got the flowers planted yesterday so i,m free tell the grand kids come over later. I opened the windows in the basement so now I think I will vgo down for awhile. tom


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            Good morning all from the great state of Maine. Clouds and sun here today with temps in the 60's. Maybe some showers tonight and tomorrow.

            Waiting for some stuff I have ordered. I'm going to redo some of the wiring on the layout. I've been adding a lot of lights so will be adding a second AC source. Also I've had one turnout that has been giving me trouble so I've got a replacement on the way. Also a sheet of acetate from Rusty Stumps to replace the one I lost for the Tobacconists kit. When that gets here I'll be able to get back to work on it. Should be here today.

            Have a great day,

            Dave :erm:
            "there\'s something happening here, what it is ain\'t exactly clear"


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              Good morning from the northern mitten, where the sun is (mostly) shining, the temperature is in the low fifties, the wind is howling across the bay, and the prospect of a great weekend beckons!

              Andy's feed and the process of coffee while watching the bay has delayed me just long enough to realize that Dave has hit the 1000 post mark. Congratulations, Dave! :up:

              With luck I'll be able to make some actual model railroad progress this weekend and life will be Really Good!


              in Michigan


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                Good morning everyone...or mid-day. I finished my modeling project last night, for the most part. It will be headed for the NMRA/SER convention next Friday. I will post final pictures next week. I'm headed for the mountains this afternoon for a weekend of property clean up.


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                  Good afternoon, folks.

                  We have arrived safely in Milford, Michigan. The sun is shining, temps are in the mid-60's, and our younger granddaughter is already running us ragged. Our older granddaughter should be getting home from school in an hour or so.

                  We are looking forward to a great weekend with the family. Perhaps we can even work in a trip to the Durand Railroad Days nearby.

                  Enjoy the rest of the day!


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                    The mailman dropped off my brand new, Central Pneumatic, "Deluxe Air Brush Kit" via Harbor Freight. According to FedEx my compressor left North Carolina this morning .. so until the 'twain shall meet' .. I'll put it up by the monitor to look at it. All in all .. looks like a good Friday after all.