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    ATTENTION, guys.....They are back.

    I just picked up my mail and lo and behold, there was a bill for my MR subscription. The only thing is, it is not from MR. It is from National Magazine Service. They want $43.00 for a 1 year subscription.

    Watch your mail and watch who you send subscription money to.

    Be aware.


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    Thanks for the heads up Rich. I get a few now and then too.


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      Carstens in particular runs ads in their magazines warning subscribers about these people of uncorrelated parentage.

      Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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        Rich.....I also received one of those in todays mail. I laughed at it and tore it in half and chucked it. Thankfully I'm aware of these scammers from past alerts. How do these people get away with this...?? (....just curious....)


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          Hi Rich,

          Funny you should post this today. My subscription runs out this month and I got an email from Kalmbach to renew. I did it online. I get home and find a plain envelope waiting for me with a renewal subscription from the same people (National Magazine Service). Can you say "File 13!!" But thanks for the headsup for everyone![^]
          Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

          Andy Keeney

          Dewitt, MI


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            Thanks for the heads up Rich. I'll toss it into the burning barrel when it arrives.
            Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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              Got one as well to renew MR which BTW I do not actually have a subscription to which makes me wonder where they get their information from and how.


              ......these people of uncorrelated parentage.

              Ah, yes.....those "people"......
              In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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                I hate thefts, and that what these guys are. I would really like to see the Fed's shut down the company and nail the owners for mail fraud, which is what it is. And jail... no way... fire up sparky.
                -- KP --

                Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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                  I had the same thing yesterday....tossed it.


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                    Mine floated in today and somehow washed itself right into the shredder. I suppose I'm highly annoyed at this loss, but I just can't seem to get beyond the fact that it's a wonderful, sunny, warm day out there and the bay is beautiful.... [:-indifferent]

                    These "people" even had a contact phone number and a web address on the one they sent me. [:-yawn]


                    in Michigan


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                      Well, add me to the list! Funny thing is, I haven't subscribed to MR in a couple of years, so how did they get my name? Needless to say, I filed mine in the circular file!


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                        I just got mine to. Funny thing is I signed up for a multi-year subscription with MR on the website and these people want a 1 year subscription. Apparently they haven't looked at that aspect of it. It promptly went in the trash. You know we and the magazines complain about it, they know where they are, why don't the Feds do anything about it? I have gotten one of these for the past 5 years. The feds are diots!
                        Bill Shanaman

                        New Haven RR

                        Hartford Division

                        in Colorado.


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                          Originally posted by deemery

                          people of uncorrelated parentage.

                          Hey, Dave, I like that one. I had to look that word up. " without logical or causal relations". Still not sure what that even means. I'm going to have to remember that one. There are some people I know....... Hummm.

                          Anyway, good one.



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                            Add me to the me too list and quit MR a year ago. John


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                              I got one yesterday. But I often use a specific middle inital when I subscribe to things so I can see who sells their name lists. The offer did not have the MR inital.

                              Some years back I registered a camera. On the form I put the name of our cat: "Kramer D Katte"

                              as the owner. He makes a good living, too according to the data I put in.

                              Kramer is now a charter member of the Handyman Club of America, has had numerous solicitations for credit cards, can refinance his house, was offered a membership in the Cooking Club of America, and gets the Cremation Society's newsletter. This last one is a bit late, as he died two years ago.