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  • NCE Switch_It Question

    I have several NCE Switch-It's and have not installed them before. They will be used with Tortoise switch machines. I also have a couple of the Hare II decoders for the Tortoise.

    With the Hare II you can have a momentary push button on the panel to manually throw the switch or use your controller.

    In the Switch-It instructions it shows two momentary push buttons for each of the two switches it can control. I also noticed something about disabiling one of the buttons on each so only one would be necessary. Has anyone done this? Is my conclusion that this option is available correct and if so how difficult is it? I mention this as I will be using some of both of these devices as needed and want to keep uniformity on my panel.

    If you have done so please advise.


    Take Care

    Bob McCord

    Home of the Morgan Falls & Little Trinity Timber Co.

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    They are talking about cycling 1 turnout between the two possible positions with a single button. This was made possible with Rev B of the SwitchIt. I personally have not used it (or any buttons) as I used SwitchIt controlled Tortoise with macro commands to set up a specific route with a single command in my hidden lower loops.


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      I have done it with single pushbuttons. No problem at all. Easy to wire. Just follow the instructions.