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Update on Walthers' Turntable Issues

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  • Update on Walthers' Turntable Issues

    Promised I'd provide an update on my Walthers' turntable situation at the appropriate time.

    I had purchased the HO Built-Up Cornerstone 90' Walthers' turntable (with indexing) and had troubles with the control box failing twice. Still not sure what the cause was but first time they had me send just the control box in to them along with $35 to cover the cost of repairs and shipping. It came back and worked briefly and then quit again.

    Second time, they had me send in the control box and bridge. No mention was made of additional money to be sent. Both components came back about two weeks ahead of schedule. There was a new control box and my original bridge was packed in a section of foam specifically designed to fit it (obviously taken from one of the larger foam block units the entire model would originally come packaged in).

    This time I was strongly advised by the Walthers' tech people to use the AC accessory terminals on an MRC 1300 power pack as the power source for the turntable bridge motor. Got one for $35 at my LHS so no big deal.

    Result - everything functions now. Had a difficult time setting the indexing (very tricky) but finally got it worked out and it's now performing beautifully.


    a) I do think this is a decent TT for the money (I paid $235 at Cherry Creek Hobbies) but it isn't perfect.

    b) Walthers did step up and fix the control box issue the second time without any additional request for money although a refund of my original $35 would speak volumes. Can't say enough positive things about Dennis at Walthers Tech Support. He was very patient and helpful both with the control box issues and in helping me get the indexing right. Don't hesitate to call him if you own this unit and are having difficulties or have any questions

    c) Get an MRC 1300 to run the bridge motor. Something else may work but this is a sure thing.

    d) They really need to address the directions that accompany this product. In my opinion they are confusing and incomplete. This is especially the case where power sources for the bridge motor and the steps for setting the indexing are concerned.

    Hope this helps anyone considering this product as an addition to their layout.


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    Dan, I am glad to hear that it all worked out in the end. Thanks for posting your results, I know that it will be of value to me when I get to the installation of my turntable in a month or so.


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      Success! I'm glad you got it all working in the end
      Built a waterfront HO layout in Ireland but now making a start in On30 in Australia