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Could the SSR have existed?

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  • Could the SSR have existed?

    I have been doing a bit of reading on prototype railroads in Western Ma.. My model railroad, the Springfield Southern was concieved as a fictional southern route to bybass Springfield Ma to the south, avoiding both the B&A amd B&M routes. I recently found information on the Hampden Railroad, a road that was actually built in the area that I proposed to run the SSR. The road was built in 1910 but was never run and eventually scrapped.

    In my time frame, the PC is in bankruptcy and the B&M is in trouble. A two small switching routes, The Ames Ridge, (Pioneer Valley Railroad) and the Ware River Road, (Mass Central) join together with a bunch of soon to be scrapped and leased eauipment to form the Springfield Southern.

    Your thoughts anyone?

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    Hi John,

    I see no problem using modeler's license to stretch or change history. Heaven knows that I've really pushed mine using Nashville, TN as the locale for my miniature world having created a whole new fictional railroad and adding two real railroads that never went there.

    I tried to create this alternate world in a realistic "could have been" way. I've found that once in the railroad room and the trains are running, you forget that this is all a fantasy world and it is easy to buy into the storyline.

    I would certainly go for it if that is your desire. Your friends will have no problem enjoying it if you do it the right way![^]
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    Andy Keeney

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      The link here has 287 photos of the Hampden RR construction, as well as many W. Mass. old photos.

      Many RR and depot photos in the town pictures.
      Dave Mason


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        Sure if the traffic base stayed strong.


        In our hobby we are free to freelance a railroad and make it believable..My own C&HV is believable and even passable for a modern short line.

        However,the C&HV would probably terminate in Logan like the I&OC does instead of Parkersburg W.Va..I suspect the Jackson to Logan line would be gone as well.

        BTW..I used the original Columbus & Hocking Valley name.


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          Rule #1 in model railroading: It is MY railroad.

          That pretty much gives one license to do as one wishes.
          Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

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            I had some simple goals with the Springfield Southern. First of all, I wanted to keep it local, as I live in Springfield Ma.. I wanted to tun mostly New England power with lots of Alcos, since I am a bit of an Alco holic. Going with a freelance railroad allows me to make the most of my limited skills. I also wanted a viable story line, since I plan on starting a blog to follow the progress of the struggling line. Now that I am doing some reasearch, I find it just a bit ironic, that two of the roads I created, actually exist in some form today. Finding out about the Hampden RR just adds to the intrerest.


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              OK,just for fun..[:-bouncy]

              Here's how I would model the Springfield Southern following your ideas.

              As for the roster I would use RS3s,RSD4/5s.Why only road switchers? They are general service type locomotives that can be readily used in the yard,on branchlines or on the main line.

              As for the industries I would stick with major manufacturing as much as possible..


              I think your plan is solid as far as short line modeling-my favorite type of modeling. 8D

              Go for it! :up: