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First attempt at a SS ltd building

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  • First attempt at a SS ltd building

    Well here is my first attempt at a Scale Structures building. I still have the interior to construct details to add and glass to put in the building. I am pretty happy with how things are going so far and I have been pretty happy with the kit itself.

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    "Mountain Goat" Greg

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    Looks great to me!

    I have a few of the smaller SS kits, but none of the big structures. What is the basic material of this building? Were there a lot of metal parts?


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      This kit was pretty simple with just the 4 walls Roof and 4 chimney castings. They are resin kit and they suggest using an epoxy to assemble them. This kit came with some cardboard to build two floors, some small strip wood to creat the window frames and some large pieces of wood to build the floors. As for metal castings this kit came with two scuppers a pallet and a barrell.

      With all the prep and clean up this is not a kit for a beginner but I think someone who has put together a handful of styrene kits could tackle one of these with little problem.
      Be Wise Beware Be Safe

      "Mountain Goat" Greg


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        I've done a couple of these (as background building "fronts") and really enjoyed the delicate painting of the lintels and windows etc.

        Greg, hope you did too!!


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          Greg, I think you did a nice job of assembling and painting this kit.

          Hope we get to see an update when the interior is done.
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            The assembly and colouring of this kit is very well done, Greg.

            Like Rick, I'll be interested to see how the interior turns out.


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              Looks good, Greg. Like the others have said, keep us posted on your interior work.

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                In last months Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine, there was an article on how to use computer

                printed windows and interiors to finish off a building.

                This would be an excellent building for that


                Very nice structure !
                Dave Mason


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                  What a neat building, Greg! And, as mentioned, the paint scheme is dead on as well. I always wondered what the SS Ltd. structure kits were like. Thanks for sharing this with us!


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                    The SS Ltd resin kits are the former Magnuson Models line of kits. They do take a little bit of work to remove the flash, fill in bubble holes, and flatten. But, once they are painted, detailed, and built, they turn into a fine looking structure. A very nice job with yours, Greg!



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                      Looks good to me! Good job!


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                        Nicely done, very nicely done. Looking forward to seeing the details and all the little extras turning it into a one of a kind.



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                          Very nicely done! Looking forward to seeing more as you progress.


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