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  • That log hauler is "Sweeeeet!!" and I like

    the flat with the tank added - KI have done a couple of them

    for my RR.

    On the sound with the connie:

    If you didn't get any p;aperwork with the loco, then look for

    the manual online. If you cant find it, take the shell off the

    tender and look for a small pot that you can turn with that

    "shovel" doohickey.....I would do it on the program track

    as you can reach the pot while the loco is on the track.

    At least on mine you could.

    Let me know if you need a hand finding that stuff.


    • Great stuff. Where did you get that tank?


      • Jim - try here and look down the page for your loco:

        Hey Joey - I got my tanks from the broken



        • Jim...really sweet job on the Lombard.....she can head up to the Sheepscot Rwy in Maine and haul logs anytime your in town...(Virginia Beach of course!)

          The water tank lid comes off on the connie tender and you can use a small screwdriver to turn down the sound level......sully


          • Jim,

            Just catching up. That tractor is amazing!


            • Really like the work you have done on the tractor. Great stuff.


              Peter G


              • Thanks, guys, for the encouraging comments.

                Bill thanks for the link and info. Will give it a try.

                Joey, I think the tank came from Hamm River, if not them, then Crow River. It is resin. I add a pipe valve and spout yesterday and will add a ladder, photos to follow.

                Sully, i will check out the tender. The water tank cap got lost when the loco took a nose dive off the hobby shops's train table, so i have a big gaping hole there now. Be carefull what you wish for. I want to take a trip out east to visit my sister in D.C. A trip to Virgina Beach could just happen.


                • Jim, thank you kindly for the info about the tank - I found one on the Hamm River website and will get one and some other stuff. Thanks again for the heads up!