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Curmudgeon Rock -and- Timber Co. Short Line

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  • Curmudgeon Rock -and- Timber Co. Short Line

    Construction of the Curmudgeon Rock and Timber Co. Short Line. (CR&T).

    The CR&T is a factitious, logging and quarrying narrow gauge, short line, located in northern Wisconsin or Minnesota, around the turn of the last century.

    During the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, White Pine was logged in this area by many small logging companies and short line railroads. The last glacier left huge deposits of rock and grave, rolling hills, deep eroded gullies, many lakes, rivers and marshes.

    The CR&T joins up with the Great Pacific Railroad (Standard Gauge) at Curmudgeon Junction, where there is a small passenger/freight depot and warehouses for the transfer of goods and lumber between freight cars for shipping to all points east and west. The rock quarry became needed to provide ballast for the track and fill for the gorge where the CR&T built a wood trestle over Geezer’s Gulch, in order to access the good stand of timber up on Curmudgeon Mountain. Logs are then taken down to Dusty’s Saw Mill, where they are cut up into lumber and shipped out on the Great Pacific RR.

    The CR&T’s land grant is a 12’ x 17’ space in virgin white pine county. The Founder and Owner is a converted N-gauger, so not new to model railroading. Many years ago, a close friend called him an Old Curmudgeon and the name, being very appropriate, stuck, hence the name for his railroad. The layout design is basically point to point, but will incorporate reverse loops at Hard Rock Quarry and Curmudgeon Junction for some continuous running. There are engine servicing facilities at Curmudgeon Junction and Logging Camp #3. Construction started on the CR&T around Thanksgiving of last year.

    Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

    Layout Design. Construction has started with the Fiddle Yard and will proceed counter-clock


    Birds eye view looking northeast.

    Train room looking west, backdrop installed.

    Train room looking east, backdrop primed.

    Looking towards work bench area and Fiddle Yard.

    Ceiling lights and valance blocking started.

    Light valance started.

    Curmudgeon Junction bench work started.

    Bench work for Curmudgeon Junction continues, extending along east wall.

    Track laid on the Fiddle Yard and trains running, at last[:-spin]

    The saga begins

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    Jim, congratulations on starting your new layout. That's a nice space you've got there.

    It will be a pleasure following along with your progress.


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      Looks like a great start in a great room. Keep the progress shots coming.



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        very cool. I spend a lot of time in the area you are depicting and I have always thought of making a RR around that area.

        A neat feature of those logging RR back then was that they would lay tracks across the frozen lakes in the winter, which I always thought would be fun to try and simulate. There is a lake around Park Rapids that they say there is an entire logging train laying on its side at the bottom of the lake, I have yet to find out if it is true or not.



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          Jim, beautiful space to build a layout! And its obvious you have planned well and are doing it "right".....looking forward to your continued progress this year...tom


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            Jim, you have a great start to your railroad and a good looking track plan. Keep the progress photos coming.



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              Looks Great Jim! got it all hooked up!



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                Jim, it's obvious you spent a lot of time planning your layout and prepping the room. Coved corners and lighting valances are two features I wish I had planned into my layout years ago - yours look great! :up: What did you use for the valance? It appears to be more flexible than the usual masonite I see frequently used. Also, I'm intrigued by your benchwork design. I don't remember ever seeing an 'inverted A' used in layout construction before. It looks to be a nice, efficient design for the space.


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                  Wow Jim ... when you get started, you REALLY get started! Impressive in the planning and thoughtfulness of preparations ...

                  See what you mean now about your turntable sitting on a cliff or hillside ... if it's a snowy area, then you could get away with a decked turntable like the one in Doug Coffey's thread and that looks like a pretty easy conversion.

                  Meanwhile, looking forward to further developments. Quick word of warning ... based on what I've read elsewhere this morning ... whatever radius you plan in Geezer's Gulch, you'll end up with something else! [B)]

                  (Yeah, I'm poking fun at Geezer, but he won't mind too much.)


                  Chambers Gas & Oil -- structure build

                  Quality craftsmanship with a sense of humor! []


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                    Thanks in particular for a shot showing the valence mount and lighting! That's stuff we don't often see before it's done. And it's great to see another turn-of-the-century modeler!

                    Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                      Wow! Very nice! Keep posting your progress! Looking forward to much more.



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                        Jim, Looks like you are off to a great start. Very nice, well thought out track plan, and a room big enough for a nice layout, but small enough to actually finish. Looking forward to see more progress photos. Roland


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                          Looks like you are off to a great start. I really like the way you tapered the legs so you get a lot of leg room. Looking forward to seeing further progress.
                          Ron Newby

                          General Manager

                          Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                            Looks like a very well planned layout. I am looking forward to following along with your construction.



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                              Thank You All. Although "thank you" just doesn't express the feelings I got while reading your comments. All along, I have felt that this was a very supportive group, now I know it. Thank you again for the encouragement. It was hard for me to post my layout design, thinking it is not good enough, but your comments and support changed all that. Now I am very greatful I did.

                              Mike, the valance and backdrop is 1/8" thick "untempered" masonite. The curves have a 24" radius, except for the valance north of Curmudgeon Junction, which is a 15" radius. The valance is glued and nailed to the light blocking. A 1X4 glued to the back of the sheets keeps the joint smooth. Also, I positioned the joints between sheets so that they do not fall on any of the curved portions. On my last layout the legs were close to the edge and I kept hitting them with my feet, so this time (thanks to Troels) I decided to cantilever the layout from the wall. To me, the inverted "A" for the peninsula, seemed to be a logicial continuation of the same theme. I plan to fasten the foot of the "A" to the floor, just so it won't move if the layout gets bumped.

                              Dallas, I will keep the track radis issue I mind. One of the comments I remember from my, carpenter, Grandfather was "measure twice, cut once". I have a JV Model's curved trestle kit for there and the radius is planned to be about 36". Actually, the gulch was named after our illustrious friend. Bill, hope you don't mind.

                              Yesterday I worked on fitting joists into the corners and continuing the bench work along the north wall, west towards the logging camp.