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A Three Year Summary........

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    Hard to believe it has been 3 years since your first post.

    I remember the first model well and I also remember reading your construction threads for the other models you have posted.

    Hard to pick a favorite but if pressed I would go with Shelby's since this is my favorite Sierra West structure and seeing it done in a larger scale was just great.

    I also thank you for all the useful information you have posted in your threads about the different techniques you have used to achieve your results.

    In today's world where everyone seems to have a DVD for sale explaining modeling techniques it is nice to see someone who will explain what they are doing at no charge. :up: :up:
    <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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      Karl.....I can only reiterate what's been said! Excellent work. You can see your modeling just get better and better. You've definitely become one of my favorite modelers to follow. Keep on posting!!!


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        Quite a body of work - congrats


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          Thank you again for the encouraging replies, they are very appreciated and help to make the forum very pleasurable and rewarding. I'm looking forward to sharing with and learning more from you all and improving my modeling in the future.



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            Hi Karl:

            Thanks for all the great photos of your builds. I enjoyed them a lot.

            Karl S.


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              Hi Karl. That's it? Over 1000 days gone by and this is all we get? Been sitting on your thumbs or what? It's about time you got busy!!

              Now, normally, one views their historic efforts at the time of retirement or as supporting evidence for obtaining professional recognition. I'm sure Mike C. will be sending your "certification" documents shortly. I can just imagine what this special recognition award would look like. [:-bigeyes2]

              Seriously Karl, thanks for sharing your body of work in this fashion. I missed many of these and enjoyed seeing as a group. Look forward to seeing more.



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                Thanks very much Karl and Gregg, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures it means alot.


                Originally posted by GreggW

                Hi Karl. That's it? Over 1000 days gone by and this is all we get? ........Gregg

                Well there are a few I forgot to post Gregg.....

                There was my first ever scratchbuilt rolling stock. (Thanks to Marty (labdad) for sharing his plans to start from)

                And then there was an old decaying concrete bridge I built from a proto-pic (sorry, I forgot whose pic it was, AGAIN [:I])

                Proto bridge pic.........

                My model bridge with the fake background....

                Maybe I'll 'find' some more of my 'stuff' in time for the five year re-cap post.



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                  I had forgotten the car and bridge, Karl. They both look very nice.


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                    I've only been a member of this forum for a few months but you already know that I think your work is fantastic. I want to join the large group who seem to be your fans. Thanks for posting this list of past strings and keep up the wonderful work.





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                      Thank you for the recap I to am a new member. You are a master craftsman along with a large number of other members of the forum. The fantastic model work on this forum has totaly changed my ideas as to what a model should look like. While I have a layout to me the trains are of secondary importance visitors and my grandchildren like to see them run. I suppose I neglect the train part because my engines and cars are basically right out of the box with no weathering, but we only have so much time and I want to spend mine on the structures and scenery my true love. From reading the forum (some builds over and over) I have decided to rework a lot of my layout starting with a small costal fishing village that I have already moved from one of the train rooms to the other and I have started to purchase wood kits to replace the plastic ones.

                      My wife has already approved attending CSS2010 so that I can attend the clinics.

                      Now all I have to do is believe enough in myself to start on one of the wood structures and go for it.

                      Thanks again for showing your fantastic model work.



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                        Checkin up on me Jerry ??? hahaha

                        I guess I do have a 'few' more builds now to add to this old thread from 2009, lol

                        Maybe I'll do that my friend...