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  • A Three Year Summary........



    Originally posted by UKGuy

    Great pictures, amazing what can be done with a simple kit and the various outcomes.

    I just built mine as per the instructions in the box about three or four weeks ago. This was my first wood kit and I enjoyed it greatly, so I went out and bought another Bar Mills kit which I am currently working on. I keep visiting the Sierra West site but its alot of money to ruin...

    The water needs to be rippled and maybe some more details added but I couldnt resist taking a few pics as it was.


    Well, there it was, my very first post on my very first day of joining RRL, I had 'lurked' for a month (while building this BarMills kit) marveling at the exquisite modelling and drinking in all of the expert advice and friendly atmosphere I found all over the forums, so I joined. Three years ago today..

    This was my first time building a kit from wood and all of the very daunting aspects that go along with that, a far cry from the 15miuntets it took to stick a DPM kit together. I was bored and tired of the site where I had first started in modeling two years earlier, that forum was/is more centered on trains and frankly, I'm not, I like modeling and although model trains gives a great platform on which to do that, it's the modeling that interests me much more. Here at RRL I have always felt I found a much more comfortable and appealing 'home'.

    So, by way of celebrating my three years of membership to this wonderful place, full of incredible people and also some pretty good modellers thrown in, I'm going to do a photo recap of my forum builds from then till now.


    There is a Chicken/Egg situation between Mike C and SierraWest, one led me to the other and then ultimately to the forum, but I cant remember which came first,I have a vague feeling Mike may have posted a SWSM pic at and I thought 'WOW' and then went and found Bretts site, or maybe I just found SWSM through an internet vague search for HO structures and came across Mikes incredible work in the gallery.

    Either way I was hooked, Bretts models and webpages were incredible to me as were Mikes depictions of them, they both became my main inspirations to model and how I model.

    The following pictures, in as close to chronological order as I can get them, cover my three years modelling on the forum. From my first 'craftsman kit' (shown above) and being so in awe and too scared to even open a SWSM kit box, to being asked by Brett to build the 'Tool Shed' for him here on the forum. A dream come true, a certain honor and the highest compliment I could receive from the person who started me off and was the inspiration for this wonderful modelling journey.

    I am obviously thrilled and excited about working with Brett next year on his new products and developments and look forward to sharing them here (when possible) on the forum where I have received so much help, support and advice from an unrivaled group of amazing people. I would like to thank Walt (RustyStumps) who throughout has been extremely supportive, encouraging and generous, I am looking forward to and am very excited about doing some more work with Walt in 2010 and beyond.

    So, thats how it started, here's what happened after that.......

    I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did building them.

    Dates are the build start date, links are to the finished/latest picture page.

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        I think I got most of the 'stuff' in there...... there are some pretty big gaps in the timelines where I was unable to model due to 1:1 situations, otherwise I could have done a few more. I'm thankful that real life is calming down and work is picking up, (I''ll be able to afford to get some of those many detail parts I'll need to finish off a few more structures, I'm really looking forward to getting the 1/24 details to finish the Red Oak Garage.....

        2010 looks like its going to be a fantastic modelling year and I am looking forward to spending it here with you all. NNGC and CSS10 are also on the agenda so I will look forward to seeing some of you there.

        Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.



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          Some really wonderful modeling and thanks for taking us back along your three year journey. You've certainly been prolific during that time and I for one appreciate all that you've done and presented to us during that time.

          Happy Holidays and wishing you and yours all the best in 2010,


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            I'm glad you posted your three year summary! I missed a lot of those builds and there are some really great models there. Thanks, Karl!



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              Hey Buddy, what an amazing set of shots, has it really been 3 years? My anniversary can't be far behind since it was you that drug me over here in the first place. Congrats on the anniversary, and looking forward to more ooohs and aaahs in 2010!


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                A fantastic walk down memory lane, Karl. Kudos on so many great builds.


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                  Karl, I'm glad you posted this summary. In my opinion, your contribution to the forum has been outstanding. You've shown us a lot of great models, you've been a master scratchbuilder. It's been a treat to discover all your models. Thanks for sharing all of these with us.


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                    Thanks Karl, it's nice to see all that I've missed before I joined the forum.