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E-L Trains #21/22: Well worth modeling!

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  • E-L Trains #21/22: Well worth modeling!

    Though, at present, I lack the space for just about any sized layout (DRAT!!), I've long wished I had space enough to model one of my favorite roads growing up in the 60's, the E-L. Always into varnish, I grew up with the commuter and long-haul trains out of Hoboken, and sure miss the days of numerous "name trains" and fascinating consists.

    There is so much of the 1960's E-L varnish that should be duplicated in model form, particularly Trains #'s 21 and 22, the Hoboken-Binghamton locals.

    These trains were a modeler's delight, for, in addition to being fascininating consists to model, these trains often featured consists that were quite short. Motive power could be anything, from an E-8 to an RS-3; an RPO was always in tow, and the coaches ranged from suburban and through-line Stillwells, and rebuilt heavywights. An REA car would complete the consists of these interesting trains.

    My mother and I often rode these trains for day trips from Hoboken, and I still recall how, on any given day, you had no idea what consist would be waiting for you under the old Bush sheds at Hoboken! A "typical" consist might consist of an ex-DLW E-8, an an ex-ERie RPO, an REA car, a suburban AStillwell, with a "thru-line" Stillwell bringing up the rear.

    With these trains, gone since late 1966. the only limit for anyone modeling these trains would be the limit on his imagination! Man, cannot believe these trains are now gone over 43 years!!

    Anyway.....just thought I'd make a few suggestions, and hopfully give someone here a few modeling ideas.....Glad to be on board here at Railroad line!

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    While on the subject of easy-to-model E-L varnish, one could very well take certain E-L consists of the 60's (Newark and Carlton Hill lines in particular) and model them with ease, as such trains had often only had one car.

    A "typical" consist would be an RS-3 and a single Stillwell; even if not modeling the E-L itself, this "one engine/one car" setup would be ideal...and quite prototypical....for just about any layout!

    A LARGE plus here, too, is that, like the railroads themselves, you sure can save a LOT of $$$$ by operating such short consists! An RS-3 or a Geep hauling a single coach (or combo) would be just dandy! Back in the 60's, this same "one car" format was also quite commonplace for non rush-hour NYS&W trains.[:-basketball] John