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Eaton's Santa Claus Parade 1930's

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  • Eaton's Santa Claus Parade 1930's

    Hi everyone, my little town had it's Christmas parade this past weekend, and it prompted me to do a little research.

    The very first Christmas parade in North America was right here in Canada.

    December 2, 1905 in Toronto "The Eaton's Santa Claus Parade was a instant success!

    By the 1950's it became the largest in North America.

    And I thought this was really neat between 1925 and the late 60's, after the parade in Toronto the floats were loaded on to a train and shipped to Montreal to be used there for the following Saturday.

    Okay enough history, I hear the band playing Santa Claus is coming to town.

    Here are some photo's I took today of my version of this great holiday treat!

    From our house to yours everyone have the happiest of holidays!

    And of coarse we know who follows the band.

    Greg Shinnie

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    "And of coarse we know who follows the band."

    Department of Sanitation!

    BTW, the parade is still running every year after 104 years!


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      Hi John, I built this little float last night.

      The Reindeer are by Prieser they come in packages of 6, so if you need 8 you have to buy an extra pack. Now I have 4 miniature Reindeer standing around doing nothing. I made the bands around their bellies using masking tape cut into thin lines that I painted and wrapped around them.The base for the float is a scrap piece of wood painted white with Woodland scenics snow sprinkled on.



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        What a great sentimental modelling idea. Your float is wonderful. I love the little boy on the sidewalk running along with the float.

        Is that a young Greg Shinnie on Santa's float?

        Will they change the sign in Montreal?




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          Hey Joe, well I guess I am a sentimental guy, don't tell my wife!.... Please!

          I am pleased you like it Joe, nice that you noticed the boy running on the sidewalk.

          I went to great lengths to get him in the photo just right.

          Do you not know, an elf when you see one!

          Young Greg Shinnie... Geeeshh!

          And of coarse Pere Noel has his own signs, that Mr. Eaton has had specifically painted for him and the benefit for all Eaton's french speaking customers in Montreal.

          I would love to see photo's of these floats loaded on flats of trains.

          Thanks for looking and posting Joe.



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            Greg, nice job on the band wagon and float. It certainly helps to get one into the spirit of the holiday. Thanks for posting.
            Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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              Merry Christmas Greg. That was a super idea. Seen many of those parades in person and when I was in other parts of the country it was always on TV.
              Chris Lyon



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                Thanks Guys, Rick so glad to evoke that Christmas spirit in you!

                Chris,also glad to bring back memories for you of watching the parade on T.V.

                Happy Holidays to both of your families!

                And a Happy New Year too!



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                  Very cool, I remember going to the Santa Claus parade in Toronto as a child.

                  Could you add some some street vendors selling popcorn and roasted chesnuts from a push wagon so I can really feel homesick?



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                    What a great idea - adding the Santa Parade to your layout. Well done!


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                      Wonderful idea.



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                        Hi Larry, Mark and Peter, thank you very much guys! I hope each of you and your families have a happy holiday and a happy New Year!



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                          Great Idea about the parade and very well done too. I remember going to those parades in Montreal when I was a "youngin". Was always the highlight of the season, that and going to Sears to see the train layout they had every year.
                          Ron Newby

                          General Manager

                          Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                            Hi Ron, thanks I just love hearing about other peoples Christmas time memories from the past.

                            Merry Christmas to you Ron and your family and a Happy New Year!



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                              Ooooh I can't believe I missed the elf figure!

                              I wonder if it is Peek-A-Boo Elf?

                              For those that don't know Peek-A-Boo Elf he is the Elf that keeps an eye on children for Santa. He is very small and very fast. My 5 year old daughter told me she was sure she saw him run across the doorway the other day. (she'll blame me someday for all of her problems ....)