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Sat morning lounge____Ice Cold........

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  • Sat morning lounge____Ice Cold........

    Wow its a cold morning here in Fla, break out the hot coco and coffee, eggs and english muffins ,jen having oatmeal,,,, down to 39* , windows all fogged up.Got to crank up the Heat, wish i had gotting the fireplace. Next house I will.

    We got the Turkey Rod Run this weekend 4 days of Hotrods,Ratrods, and some oldies . seems to be a low turn out. Plus 15 bucks to get into the Daytona Speedway this yr to see the swap meet and car show. not sure if Im going yet.another yr i still got no car, got the motor and tranny, and rear axle, need a shell to put it in....

    The job market is getting scary ,almost a yr gone by, never been out this long before.

    Well got the xmas lights on the house for black friday instead of doing the shopping thing and Sunday we plan to get our tree. gunna be a low budget year. We are just going to do xmas for the kids and jen and I will do something when we get our tax check.

    Been doing lots of modeling ,moved some track and relocate some buildings .We are getting ready to have the family over this yr, So I can run one engine and some cars to show the kids .They have been asking for a while ,added a small stagging yard and some more turn outs for switching. I think im set on were the buildings are going to stay. did some wire plans and a new control panel box design. so all in all ive been busy working on the railroad. here are some photos.

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    Thanks for breakfast John. Layout looks like it's coming along in fine fashion.

    Imagine - same temperature here in Maine as it is in Florida. Wonder if I'll be able to say the same in a month or two.

    Laid out the next road on the layout yesterday evening. This one will be running along the industrial siding in Dougtown. Also bought some of those barbecue skewers at the grocery store yesterday. Package of 100 for a couple of bucks. Who knew uncoupling cars could be so easy? Now if I can just keep from stabbing myself in the eye with them. [:-bigeyes2]

    Have a great day,

    Dave :erm:
    "there\'s something happening here, what it is ain\'t exactly clear"


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      Good morning to the entire crew. It is cold and very windy here in northern New Jersey this morning. Some oatmeal and coffee sounds like a good way to start this day off.

      We are expecting a second round of visitors today for Thanksgiving weekend, so modeling time will be scarce. However, it will be a great way to get rid of a lot of the leftovers!

      Have a great day!


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        Gooooooooood Morning, John & Crew!!

        Yeah, colder and windy here in Southern New England, too. I'm engineering a crossover on my layout and I'll have that part finished this weekend. I also ordered a used Tortoise switch motor on eBay so I can familiarize myself with location, wiring, and throwbar action. Gonna get myself another cuppa here and surf a bit before getting onto the chores. Have a great day, everyone!



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          Good morning, everyone!

          As Bruce said, it is windy in northern NJ. But, I was expecting it to be colder. It is 47 degrees outside, right now, which isn't too bad, considering.

          Yesterday, I nearly finished up my current project. If I wrap it up, today, I will post pictures in its thread.

          But, first, we may go for a hike!



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            Good morning, John and crew. I’m still in Pittsburgh. I had hoped to link up with Don Reed (AVRR-PA) at his club, but we both have family commitments this weekend and couldn’t work out time when we are both free. I had planned to visit the layout yesterday, but things came up, so I’m going this morning.

            John, good to see the progress. Are you laying the track directly on the foam? I’m interested to hear if there’s a sound issue doing that.

            Have a good day.

            With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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              Good Saturday Morning Everybody.

              Oh boy, sunshine . We have 32 at the moment with our temp going all the way to 49. Thanks for opening John. I'll have the rolled oats and a coffee. Hang in there John. Things are slowly starting to pick up. Nice layout photos John.

              Not much planned for today except to watch some college football, and nibble on leftover turkey . Our deer gun season (Ohio)opens Monday and I've had the yearly parade of guy's asking for permission to hunt. I've only signed a few permission slips this year to some co-workers, and my neighbors.

              My MR came yesterday and I noticed (p.12)a beer delivery truck for Narragansett beer. A few of those would have tasted good to go along with Bill's stuffies that he was so kind to send me

              Not much modeling activity to report on until I get more research done. Of course that's fun too!!

              Time for another coffee and look over the forum. Have a good day and God Bless.
              Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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                Morning all,

                Can't report that it's any warmer in S. Jersey than N. Jersey with some whipping winds. A great day to stay inside and work on the railroad.

                Wishing everyone a great day.


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                  Good morning all from northwest Georgia where the temperatures dropped into the high 20's last night.

                  I guess there is cold weather all over the USA.

                  I hope to model today but the kids want to put up the Christmas tree so that may be an issue.

                  Have a great day one and all.
                  <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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                    Thanks for the breakfast, oatmeal and coco. Layout is looking great. Here on the island it's in the upper 40's going up to low 50's but the wind is tearing out of the north at up to 50 MPH this morning.

                    Hopefully will be able to make some nice progress oh Oatman's this weekend and on Sunday, post some new construction photos.



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                      Good Morning all!

                      Not much to report from Buckeye land on this sunny and cold Saturday morn..No modeling yesterday but,plan on working on my C&HV caboose today.

                      I shall have a cup and look over da forum.

                      Have a good'un! :up:


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                        thanks alls hope all is well and staying warm,,,

                        :::George The noise is not to bad,but the layout I do next I plan on using the cork bedding,before this I used to just use the green felt cover on plywood so the foam is much better ,but im sure the cork is the best way to the cost factor. This is model railroading done on a budget

                        And Dave maybe you should use toothpicks or even Q-tips so you dont poke your eye


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                          Good day crew! Well, for late November, the weather here in south Jersey is fairly nice. Nice enough that I wish I was at home instead of at work so I could get the lights up and do one more final lawn cutting/leaf clearing. Oh well, I guess it will have to wait until Tuesday when I'm off next. Of course then it will be in the 30's!!!

                          No progress to report on the basement. Hopefully this week I can get down there and finish the spackling.

                          Well, I hope everyone has a great day!