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    Congradulations on the 50-year mark Eric and Bob.

    My SP&S layout is only 3+ years old now.


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      I didn't have a camera has a teenage model railroader, so I borrowed my father's simple film camera and a few flash bulbs. Took this shot of my HO scale layout probably around 1961-62. This is a scan of a small print, the negatives have long been lost:

      There's a Revell enginehouse in the center, and to the left of it is one of their stations. The structures on the right were all scratchbuilt, using cardboard and balsa wood, the only materials available to me at the time.


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        Bob, I do believe I see an Atlas water tank in there. Isn't that structure in the middle right an old Suydam matte-board kit? And maybe an Athearn flat car in the foreground? And lichen for trees and shrubs!

        Eric, congratulations on the 50-year anniversary! And I must say I have loved the occasional magazine photos and articles along the way!

        In my case, there have been a few layouts along the way, often not completed because of a career that made me move from time to time. The oldest model I have built which still exists on a layout today is a freight station. I bought it in 1970 or 1971. It came in a bright yellow box and cost then then crazily high price for an HO structure of $15.00. The railroad still exists using the same name as back then, the Crandon & Northern set in Forest County, Wisconsin. Though this structure, some detail castings, figures, and some of that same vintage rolling stock are all that remain of the original.

        So, Eric, is the theme of the railroad still the same as it was 50 years ago?


        It\'s a great day whenever steam heads out into the timber!


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          I think I need to make a slight correction in my "50-year-old railroad."

          It's the name (Sandric & Lake Superior) that is 50 years old, not the layout. The name was concieved on my third layout and has stayed through my current and 12th layout. The name originated in East Lansing, Mich., and the name and layout took on the aura of the Lake Superior & Ishpeming in Michigan's upper peninsula. It was thoroughly an ore railroad but had logging as a back up and was "tracked" north out of Big Bay, Mich., to mines in the Huron Mountains all north and a bit west of Marquette.

          Since then the S&LS has put down track in Arizona, New Jersey, Virginia, Wyoming and finally Colorado. This movement slowly changed the concept from that of iron ore to hard rock mining in the Rocky Mountains, notably the D&RGW and the Leadville, Colo., area. I now model the D&RGW from Pueblo, Colo., to Salt Lake City with about 2,200 feet of track in HO standard and narrow gauge.

          However, staying in touch with its beginning, the current S&LS has found a way to mine and ship iron ore to Pueblo and lumber products via the Saginaw & Manistee Lumber Co. RR -- a line I discovered in northern Arizona, not Michigan.

          Ignoring my Lionel years, I've been a model railroader since 1955.

          Eric Lundberg


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            I have been working on the present version of my Wilmington and New York Railroad since 1997. I have done various previous versions of the layout since the late 1970's, with varying success.


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              Good to hear from you after such a long time. Congrats! 50 years. Quite an accomplishment. All the changes in model railroading since the 70's is astounding as well as trying to keep the layout up to date with the the new technology. My own layout is 5 years old and still not quite operational but, I'm working on it.

              Rick F.


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                My no name rr will be 1 day old ,that is when it finally gets built,whenever that is. :erm:


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                  My layout isn't even a year old yet.

                  After tearing down the old layout, and starting fresh.




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                    My Grande Valley Railway is 31 years this month.It has been many different scales and is infact still many different scales.

                    Currently it is Z,N,HO, and On30.I also have some 1:32 scale stuff but no layout of my own to run it on.
                    Johnathan (Catt) Edwards

                    100% Michigan made


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                      There've been quite a few Stu. A total of 171 articles covering 566 pages in various mags. I've been a writer all my professional life so it comes fairly easily. But there's a point where one wears out the newness of writing such articles. I've pretty much retired myself (and I think a couple of mags actually got tired of me and my stuff) although still contribute to the OpSIG's Dispatcher's Office and edit and write in the Green Light, newsletter of the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society. Thanks for the nice words,



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                        First, I am glad to hear you are still active, that your experience is still shared in print.

                        Second, I had (obviously) not realized there were that many! Two fairly demanding careers along the way meant that there were periods when there simply was not time to read or even buy all the very cool model RR magazines out there. I can say that I considered your by-line a "must read". Your articles were always well presented and a smooth read! Thank you for that.

                        My own interests and reading these last ten years have tended more towards logging and structure building, so I have not spent a lot of time in the mainstream model RR mags.

                        But, THANK YOU for each and every one of those articles!


                        It\'s a great day whenever steam heads out into the timber!


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                          on 11-22-09 my current layout turned 10 years old.

                          the Roanoke and Southern Appalachian Division