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Monday's Lounge has Opened!!!!

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  • Monday's Lounge has Opened!!!!

    Good Monday Morning Everybody. I saw that the lounge wasn't open yet so I'll open it up. The potbellied stove is fired up, and so is breakfast. We have bacon and eggs, hash-browns, and toast along with homemade black/red raspberry jam. For those who eat healthy, we have healthy stuff. We have 100 mph coffee which is extra strong for those who watched the World Series and are having trouble waking up.

    Another win for the Yankees last night. The Phillies had better get on the bit if their going to win it for the National League :erm: .

    Another sunny day is in store for my neck-of-the-woods. The temp is 31 and the high for the day is 57. Not bad for this time of year.

    Spent most of yesterday cutting wood. I had some cheery trees that were hung up in other trees from last years windstorm. I thought I'd cut them down as they ugly up the woods. As usual, easier said than done. I'll finish up today and haul them out and split them.

    I'm planning on getting up to the LHS sometime this week to get some stuff for some projects for this winter if all go's according to Hoyle.

    Well it time to do some dishes then have a coffee and look over the forum Have a good day and God Bless.
    Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio

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    Good morning Scott and the rest of the crew. Thanks for the breakfast spread, Scott.

    It is pretty nippy here in the Jersey Highlands this morning, but at least the sun is shining. It looks like we have a three day run of sun before it rains again. I better make the most of the dry weather to get the leaves picked up before they get wet again.

    Have a great day!


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      Good morning folks

      It was 50 F this morning. We are supposed to go up to 56 F.

      I have had a rough few days. On Wednesday night I began experiencing difficulty with breathing whenever I tried to lie down to go to bed. At times my breathing was labored or I felt like I was drowning. I was finally able to get to sleep by propping myself up against the headboard. We thought at one point that we were heading for the ER.

      The fun continued on Thursday as I called the doctor and he advised bed rest and if the breathing issues continued he wanted a chest X-ray. I did not get much rest as our refrigerator began leaking water and was not running. I called the repairman and luckily the part that was on order had come in. He came and installed the new circuit board but the refrigerator would not kick on. The compressor was now dead. Another part had to be ordered. We then had to rent a refrigerator until the part come in. I now have two refrigerators in our kitchen. The leak was caused by a crack in the ice maker water line so that is another thing that has to be fixed. Thank heaven we got an extended warranty for the refrigerator.

      Friday was the day I actually got some rest. On Saturday I was able to sleep late and then I had to return our unsold Cub Scout popcorn. Sunday was grocery shopping and I felt well enough to help the kids rake leaves in the back yard.

      I am feeling better. I still am getting some coughing spells and occasionally wheezing. I still have to be careful and pace myself. If I do too much I feel tired and weak.

      I did on Sunday run some trains. I cleared off the layout and ran a few locomotives. I was pleasantly surprised that the first loco ran around the layout with little problems. It slowed in a few spots but by the third lap it was zipping along.

      I hope everybody has a good day.


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        Gooooooood Morning, Scott, Bruce, Tom & Crew!!!

        Tom, hope you're going to get better. Sounds like pneumonia? Hang in there, get plenty of rest, and keep us posted. I was up late last night watching the game and I'll be up tonight to see if the Yankees will win the Series in Philly or have to go home to New York to win it. [:-baseball] My turnouts should be arriving this week and I'll get ready to lay track. I have to get another sheet of foam before I start, though. The survey crew will be on the job soon making certain everything fits! [:-bigmouth] Time for another cuppa and get ready for Da Office. Have a great day everyone!


        LET'S GO YANKEES!!!id="Arial Black">id="size5">id="navy">

        [:-baseball] [:-baseball] [:-baseball] [:-baseball] [:-baseball] [:-baseball] [:-baseball]


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          Good morning, guys. It's a bright, sunny one here in the Missouri Ozarks, although some clouds are on the way for later this morning. Doesn't matter to me, though. I've got to make the long drive back to the big city in a little while.

          Tom, it sounds like you've had some rough days - I hope you start feeling better.

          Not much to talk about this morning. I spent most of the day yesterday moving furniture off the patio and stored for the winter. In other words, no model RR'ing for me this past weekend.

          Guess I'd better get a few chores out of the way and then hit the road. Have a good day, everyone.


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            Good morning all from the great state of Maine. Sunshine and 40's here today.

            Thanks for the great breakfast Scott. I gotta ask though - you said you had some 'cheery' trees that you had to cut up. Don't you like happy trees?

            I've got two Bar Mills kits scheduled to be delivered today. Captain Jack's and Bud Smiley's Garage. With those two, a few others I have on hand and a couple of Blair Lines kits I'm going to order soon (motel and drive-in) I should have enough to keep me busy over the winter.

            Have to share a story with you about finding a long lost friend. I was messing on facebook the other night. Typing in names of people I had known when we lived in Chicago 45 years ago. Typed in one guys name and about 20 matches came up. Picked the one that said he was from Chicago and sent a message. Lo and behold it was my friend. He lived just around the corner from us back then and was a good friend who I had lost contact with over the years. We've exchanged a couple of e-mails and who knows, he lives in NJ now so we might be able to get together sometime. Just thought I'd share that with you guys.

            Have a great day,

            Dave :erm:
            "there\'s something happening here, what it is ain\'t exactly clear"


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              Cool, grey and sprinkling rain here this morning. Yesterday was decent and I got a bit of outside stuff done, hauled chairs and the table from the deck to the shed, mowed the back acres and then drug some dead trees out of my woods. I need to get a chain sharpened for the chainsaw before I try to cut them up, I'm getting quite a stack of logs and there is quite a bit more in the woods. It really needs a good clearing out but I'm not to excited about cutting trees down.

              I also watched the 'race' from Talledega's last quarter and was glad Newman was ok after his tumble.

              I test ran my F-7 and had a couple issues, a loose part and headlight bulb that doesn't line up with the top headlight on the body shell, and it needs numberboards still. It did run well, it should as it is a factory sound unit and not one of my rube goldberg installs.

              I hope all have a good"green">

              BE SAFE!!
              Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

              Cedar Swamp
              SW of Manistique, MI

              Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                Good Morning all!

                Not much to report from Buckeye land on this sunny but cold Monday morning.I had a sugar low (I call it a "crash") this morning and I am still feeling rough around the edges...I think I need to return to my old diet instead of the diet the dietitian recommended since this is the third surgar crash since I started the diet 10 days ago..No modeling plans for today..

                I shall have a cup and look over the forum.

                Have a good'un! :up:


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                  Good morning crew. It is a clear fall day here in southern Ontario with temperatures in the low 40s. Seeing as my wife had the cold that is going around my weekend was spent helping her cope with her cold. Hopefully tonight I can get some stuff done.
                  Chuck Faist

                  Burlington, Ontario

                  Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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                    Dave, what we have here is a clear case of "happy fingers". [:-bouncy][:-bouncy] LOL
                    Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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                      Good afternoon Scott and crew. Weather is cloudy and cooling down.

                      Still have this stink'n flu and now the wife has it too. Oh Happy Day. :erm:

                      Expecting Windows 7 and two kits from Brett today. this will give me something to do.

                      Stay warm and healthy everyone.


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                        Good morning Crew (at least it still is here). Thanks for the breakfast Scott.

                        Sunny and 53 this morning. It is supposed to be in the 60 the rest of the week with a glowing orb in the sky during daylight hours. Pretty good since most of last week was gray and rainy.

                        Still putting up the back drops. I'm having some of the guys over to help install the ones I can't do myself. Should be fun.

                        Have a great day.
                        Bill Shanaman

                        New Haven RR

                        Hartford Division

                        in Colorado.


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                          Neat story, Dave.