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  • Tough Layout Decisions

    I'm trying to make decisions ahead of time so that my layout construction has a direction. I don't want to start, change my mind, rip stuff apart, and start over again. There's not enough time or money. [:-bigmouth] One decision that will affect how I do things in the near future is what switch machines I'll use....motors or manual. Motors won out. When I weighed the amount of work needed to mount the machine and connect the associated hardware, I have decided on Tortoise motors. I still have to mount the machine and still have to drill holes regardless, but using a slow motion machine with an operating switch stand sounded like a good combination. On a small layout, the wiring isn't all that daunting of a's the effect that I want. A slow throw and a slowly turning operating switch stand. Sounds like a winner. Next comes the question of an open or enclosed layout. Being small, I could build the layout as an enclosed working diorama. Some members have done this with built-in lighting valances and it's a great design. I'll need some input on enclosed vs. open small shelf layouts and valences. Also, if anyone has some words on fascia control panel designs, lemme know.