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Flying Model for the old fly boys

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  • Flying Model for the old fly boys

    This hand-made aircraft runs on four chainsaw engines. You can just imagine how much time, effort, skill and money these guys have put into this thing.

    This is one video which I missed somehow.. Worth watching all the way through as there is some outstanding RC controlling later in the video.
    -- KP --

    Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.

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    RC at it's best. The X1 was a nice surprise and the B29 is a gem in any scale.



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      Wow! Beautiful flying and a beautiful model. I can't imagine the time and care that went into that performance.

      Brian Smith


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        That was great. Nice to see that baby go.
        Chris Lyon


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          that was cool even my jenny loved it ,great control


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            For some reason the video is timing out for me. But I can assume that the video is of a B-29 with a separate Bell X-1 that gets dropped and after dropped it glides for a bit then shoots off with a rocket motor and glides back to earth, at which point the B-29 does some aerobatics. If this is the video you are seeing the B-29 is piloted by Mac Hodges who is well known in RC circles. I met him once at a fly-in and saw the show in person. Very cordial man. I don't remember who is flying the X-1 though.

            Since RC is my other hobby I get to see things like that a lot. I would recommend going to a show, especially the larger show, if there happens to be one near you. Not likely going to be a lot more flying this year but come spring there are a lot of shows that are worth taking in. And I would recommend to anyone who thinks this is too hard to learn that you should consider taking up the hobby. It is relatively cheap to get started and provides a lot of entertainment value for the buck. And if you get into electrics you get the added benefits of no mess from fuel and QUIET flight. If you want the chepaest option you can go with a sailplane. No noise at all LOL

            Consider it a great other hobby to get into. You would not regret it.

            John Martin

            Tega Cay, SC


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              John, Sorry that you are having an issue with the link, but sounds like you are well aware of the video as what you describe is the video linked to. It must be something to see in person, as well as a great hobby.

              I got out of flying models after spending an entire summer, and I do mean an entire summer, working like 6 hours a day on a B-24 which was a free flight model. Took it down to the local High School football field for the maiden flight, and it was great... until it hit the lightpole while returning.... The next summer I spent a lot of time stamp collecting....
              -- KP --

              Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.