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  • jbvb
    Good evening from an eatery with wireless above track 4 of Chicago Union Station. Gray and rainy for the ride up the canyons to Moffat yesterday, then sun in the evening down to Denver. Today rain with some icing all across Iowa and Illinois. Not many good pictures since Tuesday, but the California Zephyr was right on time the whole way.

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  • chooch41
    Just got home from work. I'm cleaning up the hobby bench to get ready for my next kit build. Other interests include..... golfing, my 1937 chevy truck, wood working and spending every precious day with my best wife. Sounds corney but, I was chatting with an elderly gentleman that had recently lost his wife. He had mentioned that he wishes he could turn back the clock and spend more time with her. He would come home and go out to his Man Cave and tinker around. Now he has all the time in the world to tinker but it just isn't the same. Have a great day and give that special someone a hug!


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  • snarlman
    I better late than never reply.

    I also have some old cars Andy. I have a pair of 1970 Mercury Cougars, and an International Scout 800B. I also have a few motorcycles, a modern sport tourer, and a pair of classics including an old Triumph.

    Another hobby/job is electronics.

    Yep its bitter cold out, a good evening to stay in, and be comfy.

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  • MikeC
    Good afternoon, guys. We've got another chilly, cloudy, dank, drizzle-filled one here in the Heartland. We haven't seen the sun (literally!) since last week!

    I had to take my vehicle back to the dealer's for some warranty work this morning. Two hours later I was out and on my way to running several other errands. So I'm just now getting a chance to check in and see what's going on here.

    Bill, I hope all goes well with your wife's tests and she's able to be back home with you today.

    Bruce, I don't even want to think about snow yet.

    As for other interests, mine are photography, reading, boating, and heading out on long cruises on my Sea-doo.

    Time to move on. Have a good day, everyone.

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  • Carrie_Creek
    And a good noon to you all.

    Still 45 and cloudy here in the Air Capital. It is suppose to get to 60 something and partly cloudy but i'm beginning to think that thats not going to happen.

    Thought that I would let you all see what I've been looking at each morning this week as I drive thru the Flint Hills.

    This is around 1/4mile visibility and is at the same place as my "office pic" in my CCLC construction site.

    Been nothing but drizzle all night for the whole week and in the 40's. Sure am glad it wasn't freezing, not ready for winter yet.

    On the home front, been trying to strip the old finish off of the kitchen island cabinets so I can refinish them.

    You all have a safe, warm, and enjoyable day,

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  • wvrr
    Wow, what a difference some elevation makes, Bruce. Here in the valley, it is hovering around 40 degrees with a cold rain.


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  • Dutchman
    Good afternoon to the entire crew. I was up early and out on the road - a hair cut and then off to Costco to pick up a Brother sewing machine for Bonnie.


    Originally posted by hunter48820

    Anyone getting any snow today? PA is supposed to be getting some. Way to early!!

    Andy, this is what it looks like right now out my window. It is just above freezing and snowing pretty good.

    Karl, congrats on your weight loss!

    My other interests include the shooting sports, reloading obsolete ammo, and brewing my own ale (hence the Dutchman Ale comments).

    Well, I might just get some time this afternoon at the bench.

    Have a great day!

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  • scott
    Good Thursday Morning Everybody.

    It's a cool 41 with on and off rain. The high for today is only 43, so it doesn't have far to go. I see we have some snow coming to my neck of the woods. No accumulation, but snow never-the- less. It's way to early for this. We have the wood burner fired up and the whole house nice and toasty.

    Fed the neighbors critters this morning and he said he'll start feeding them tomorrow. Going to putter around the barn and play the rest by ear.

    My other activities that I enjoy are , astronomy, fishing, hunting, civil war history and history in general, and gardening.

    Tomorrow I have to pick up and drop off some books at the library. Later on this afternoon I need to plan my layout some more.

    Time for another coffee and look over the forum. Stay warm, have a good day, and God Bless.

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  • mainetrains
    Good morning kind of day here in northern Maine. Some clouds, some sun...chilly with temps in the 30's this morning. Leaves are falling off the trees like rats of a sinking ship.

    As to the question my other interests would be wargamming (historical simulations for the PC crowd), mostly the Civil War and WWII. Also reading and golf.

    Didn't do much modeling last night...just dubbed around a little doing some track weathering.

    Have a great day,

    Dave :erm:

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  • kay4pacific
    Good morning Crew, Well it's no warm paradise here on the Cape. 37F.Way to soon for this cool weather. Brought car in this morning for sway bay work.

    Last night had to bring the wife to the ER for more tests on her heart. Hopefully all will be well and she will be home this afternoon.

    My other interests are Photography, cycling, music (mandolin)and cooking.

    Baked 40 stuffies and froze them. Will make more next week.

    Have a great day and stay warm.

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  • LVN
    Mornin all. My other interests are golf, music (guitar) and beer. In fact I am off to can six flats in a few minutes. Have a great day.

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  • cnj999
    Mornin' guys, 35F and cloudy here in the Hudson Valley this A.M., with a mix of snow and rain predicted for late tonite. tomorrow and the next couple of nights after that! For me, it's way too damn early for winter...especially after having virtually no summer this year! Really hitting home regarding this, I went pumpkin picking with three of my granddaughters last Monday. We found most of the pumpkin plants were still flowering and trying to set fruit! The farm we visited usually has a corn maze. I didn't see it as we came through the gates and I asked where it was this year. The owner pointed to one of the fields and said, "That's were it was supposed to be." The corn stalks in the field weren't even two feet tall!

    On the RR side of things, I've been re-detailing a rather rare, commercially produced, Milwaukee, Racine & Troy (MR&T) gondola, adding a wooden floor, stirrup steps, etc. to the original 1980's model. Plan on using it in regular operations on the layout.

    Op Session tonight at a friend's house. The gentleman had mentioned to me a while back that he'd always wished he had some rolling stock lettered for his home road but really never knew just where to start. By careful and stealthy questioning, I got an outline of his desired herald and lettering and I've created a decal run of same, plus a finished boxcar as his prototype. I'm going to surprising him tonite with these items. Should be fun.

    John (CNJ999)

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  • hon3_rr
    Morning all. Have not had much of a chance to do any modeling for the past 2 days, which is probably a good thing as I stained some wood for the current build and this is allowing the wood to dry well. Going to try to get some modeling in today as tomorrow I need to drive to a different city to help set up modules for a club show this weekend. No modeling on Saturday due to the show and on Sunday we have dinner guest, so modeling time will be in short supply.

    Other interest include cooking, NASCAR (on the tube as well as our local track) and paintball. I do have to admit that at age 57 and totally out of shape, I may have to give up the paintballing soon.

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  • RonH56
    HI Gang!

    Phew... it was quite chilly in my neck of the woods the past (2) mornings, so much so that the mist from the lake can no longer protect us from the frost. Alas, the annuals are headed for the compost bin.

    I actually did some modeling last night; I put strips of brown paper toweling on the roof of my lumber shed (ATLAS- lumberyard kit)with dilute matte medium. I have been in a creative slump for several weeks. I hope this means I am breaking out of it.

    Other interests for me include following NASCAR, Boating on our lake (that's over for this year) and traveling with with my wife as the budget allows.

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  • hunter48820

    Keeping warm the next few months will be my priority, seems that after losing 30 lbs it's closer to cold much of the time.

    I hope all have a great day.

    BE SAFE!!

    Wow, 30 pounds, that's great Karl! I'm proud of you. Wish I could get myself going on that![:-bigeyes2]

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