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  • Old Project Revisited

    Long Story - Medium Length

    Back in about 2004 I became interested in On30 .....think it was an ad for a critter loco from Backwoods that did it . I stopped working on my HO layout for a while , attended the NNGC in Detroit and fell headlong into Narrow Gauge . All those cool locos and rolling stock ! I bought a Sierra West Mill House and Boiler kit as well as a Rusty Stumps water tower , picked up the Backwoods brass loco kit and I was in business .

    I always liked Mal Furlow's southwestern style dioramas/layouts with it's exaggerated cliffs and Mexican themes . Why not build one ?!

    I built a 3'x6' plywood base , built up mountain height with lightweight foam and finished off the cliff facings with Mario's "FRocks " ...cushion foam thinned joint compound and paint . Then I put everything away for 4 years ! [:-bigeyes2]. So much for my attention span .

    I dragged out the project a few weeks back . It needs some TLC and finishing , so let's get to it .

    ...looking a little ugly after four years in solitary .

    ...a little cleaning here , a little joint compund there ...more paint ...

    ....that's better .

    The Backwoods brass loco was built 4 years ago and still needs final details added . All soldering is done , and it runs ! Needs detailing .

    The Sierra West Mill House and Boiler kit is well under way . I'm installing a dynamo that will be driven by the mill wheel . What the dynamo will power ??....ain't tellin' ya yet .

    I had bought Peco flex track but now that I look a those ugly ties , I'll give hand laid track a whirl . The two necessary turnouts will be a challenge but what the heck .

    On the other side of the trestle will be the Rusty Stumps water tower and a really run down engine house / service facility .

    Lots of work to do but I WILL FINISH IT !


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    Terry, good to see you back at it. I remember when you started that mini and the construction thread you did on the brass engine. Those FRocks came out great.

    I'll be cheering you on to finish it. Have fun with it.


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      Very nice.

      Keep at it!



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        Download Attachment: Deardorn NG Convnetion 264.jpg
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        Dearborn, Man that was a great social event.

        Hi Teejay

        Seems like yesterday, that you, Rick & I were hanging out together.

        I remember you starting this project.

        Good to see you back on track.

        I'm actually doing similar idea.

        Maybe we can push each other along.

        cheers mate

        " Stay Motivated in Life "


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          Glad to see you brushing off the dust and getting back into the saddle. Going to be a great project.



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            Nice mini layout project. I'll be following it with pleasure, Terry.


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              Terry good to see another ON30 project moving ahead (welcome back to the dark side). I have just missed out on buying one of the backwoods critters you built on ebay. Can you post a link to your build? I am looking forward to following your progress.



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                I like those Frocks, I look forward to seeing more.



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                  Good to see ya back at it Terry! That's a very neat looking mini!


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                    I like the layout and the touchup you did to the rocks, it looks alot more realistic now.

                    is that supposed to be a tunnel on pictures 2 and 3?


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                      Hey, T! Good to see you back at it! (Maybe there's hope for me now! ) Your 'Frocks' look great and very much in the Furlow style! :up: Mario, you did a good job of teaching - it shows up in T's scenery.


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                        Things were kinda quiet without you popping in here - glad to see you've resurfaced. The On30 layout looks great! Keep on keepin' on!


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                          Thanks for the "encouragement", everyone .

                          Larry , I have no link to the old thread . It may be in RRL archives or perhaps "cyberspace" by now . I'll give you the quick version .....Teejay learns how to solder , builds the loco , doesn't burn the house down .End of story .

                          Mario , still got the picture of you , me , Karl and John at the NNGC ? I remember doing the "roving reporter " deal at the convention and rushing home to post it on RRL . Fun time .

                          Yeah , Mario taught me good on the Frocks ....musta been because I helped him with the one tutorial !?

                          Since I work out of town during the week I can only take the kits with me to work on . The layout will have to wait until weekends .

                          Anyone got ideas on 0n30 turnout plans ? I need two ( handthrown ) and don't have the money to buy one of those kits on the market . Gotta build them .



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                            Looks great Terry, I really like how the rocks turned out after the recolouring.

                            Seems like the last three threads I opened everyone is building an ON30 mini...... hmmmm.....

                            Isn't there a company that sells semi-built handlaid turnouts using the fast-tracks jigs or method, they are basically the rails with the pc ties soldered in place, all you need to do is add in your own wood ties and paint and finish..... they are about the same price as regular turnouts $15-$25 each (I think). I have seen them at Caboose and in NGSL Gazette, could be a possible solution for you, handlaid without the headache or learning curve, as you only need 2 or three.

                            Sorry i cant think of the company name but they were mentioned in a thread this past week.

                            Hope this helps,



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                              please post the pic of the Grue-some foursome....

                              ( FIRST..please do the necessary touch up's in photo shop [:-apple][:-hot]. I've had a face lift since Dearbourn [:-witch] )

                              should be a "goodie" for the web site....

                              I remember you did help me during my clinic.... did I pay you... cheque in the mail... [^]

                              You may have started a On30 mini layout thread here....

                              As I said earlier... I'ii try and keep up with you mate... :crazy: :crazy: [:-shake][:-smile_green]
                              " Stay Motivated in Life "