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    I think Troels is part of the Green Modeling movement - every time I see his work, I turn green with envy.



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      Mario, you've done a wonderful page, and Troels is a wonderful man who really deserves it. Thanks for all the time spent on this fabulous site.


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        Wow! you guys said it all.......


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          Mario, Thanks for including Troels work in your in your Elite List of Model Craftsman artists. What an honor for Troels as well.

          The time,expertise and energy you have spent on your website is absolutely mind boggling. We are all beneficiaries of your hard work. Thank you,thank you,thank you. You really are special. :up: :up: [:-angel]


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            Glad everyone likes the latest link.

            Hi Bill..Not sure about the word "elite"..

            .crikey !!!! I better take me name off the list... [^][:-clown][:-dopey][}].

            I'm a bit selfish, in that I include stuff that I like.... including my Theatre & Dancing interests.... I still have hundreds of my own photos & of others to add, but running out of web space...

            It costs me a lot, to keep the large ( advert free ) web site going, but it's my contribution to the hobby, sharing with other modelers ( at all skill levels ) who give me inspiration in life and makes me feel good at times, when i feel crap...

            cheers and many thanks for those who have contributed to the RRL. I quietly "lurk" often.


            "M" [:-apple]

            " Stay Motivated in Life "