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    Micro Engineering code 70 works for me...


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      I know most of the lean seems to be on the ME track, which I agree does look better than the PECO gear, my preference is still for PECO. Having used it on 2 different exhibition layouts now, I have always found it reliable and "forgiving". I have a few friends who have either used ME stuff, or handlaid in the lighter code rail (83-70), and they have had frequent issues with rail maintainence. The thing with On30, is there are a wide variety of HO mechs which are suitable for bashing into new locos. Atleast with the code 100 rail, you can pretty much run anything on them. For example, I recently picked up a Fleishmann Magic Train mech to use, which has deep wheel flanges, and would struggle to use this on lighter rail. PECO stuff can always be improved with good rail weathering and ballasting (a lot of narrow gauge ties were nearly buried in the dirt as well, so just cover up the "odd looking" peco ties). I would prefer more reliable running over the better look, especially from and exhibition point of view. Home layout might be a different arguement though.

      My 2c worth...

      Dan Pickard


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        I am using ME On30 flex track and turnouts, but have some Atlas track and turnouts which i am testing out and if they work will used them in hidden areas, since their tie spacing is not On30


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          Well... I had to be the one swearing in holy places... Since I model Maine two-footers, where ties often were 5''x5''x5', the closest pret-a-porter match was actually OO peco track... so I use simple code 100 standard el-cheapo insulfrog stuff. I'll ballast it down heavily anyway, it is very reliable and easy to get hold of... and I actually agree with "hminky" that it makes our compressed distances seem longer with a closer tie spacing. I've counted ties under forneys in old photos, and the OO track isn't far out when counting under my forneys

          If I modeled Colorado, I'd use ME.
          Troels Kirk

          Näsum, Sweden


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            Well Gents (& Ladies too) - the truth is: "Use what ever track/turnout that suits you best!"

            After all, its "your" RR ....I dont know anyone (well, maybe anyone) that has the room for

            prototypical tie spacing or exacting rail height. Model what you like....what did Faragut say....?

            "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!"...Just have fun and donw worry.....JMO


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              You're right on Geezer. Like Troels, I plan on using the less expensive HO track in code 83.

              I read Harold's website extensively and agree that unless someone is a NBW counter, it just won't matter.

              And cost is my most limiting factor.
              Dave Mason


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                I've hand laid, used Peco On30 and Micro Engineering. Both of the pre-made options work very well so I don't think there is any advantage of one over the other as far as working qualitys. It all comes down to looks.......

                My Website:


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                  BTW Dave....I like your signature....Right on!!!

                  I have a sign that says:

                  "This house is protected by Smith & Wesson 3 nights a week....You guess which 3!"


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                    The small length of On30 track I've laid so far has been handlaid code 70 on homemade ties. If I was to use flextrack, I'd prefer ME track to Peco, even if I must say that the track didn't look so bad on the Peco layouts I've seen in the mags or in person. How the track appears depends very much on the surrounding scenery and environment, I think.


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                      Well you only get Peco track here and then by special order only so it's Hobson's choice. It's supposed to represent Welsh narrow gauge track but it's way too heavy for that, code 70 would make it look a lot better. Peco also have a very limited choice of turnouts. If I had a choice it would be ME everytime just on appearance. Peco produce a quality product but are a very traditional company. There's been a lot said on Forums about the appearance of their track in standard gauge too code 75 is suppose to represent Uk mainline track, and code 83 USA mainline track in HO and neither really match their target market.



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                        Micro Engineering (ME) code 70 on the club modules and code 70 and 55 handlaid on my home stuff. Not sure if the rail used for home is ME as I got it a long time ago and can't remember mfg. for sure, but may be old Shinohara.
                        -- KP --

                        Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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                          Hello from the UK also

                          I use basic code 100 OO gauge track. It looks ok when painted and ballasted properly and doesn't look huge like the peco O-16.5 track.