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  • Thanks Rick, I appreciate it.

    Wow, thanks Mike, thats a hugh compliment indeed, especially from someone I respect and aspire to.

    Thanks for the tips Dave, as you suspected I do usually assemble my railings 'off location' and then install them as a single unit. Although usually without the 'footer'.

    In this case however I will be installing the footer which will serve two purposes, some additional gluing area as you suggested and also somewhere to attach the 'safety net' along the bottom of the handrails.

    Work is finally over for the day, wood is staining, time for some modelling.

    Thanks for the replies.


    (Simon, it has been bugging me all day, the familiarity of the phrase "cunning plan".

    As soon as I read it I could hear it being said in someone elses voice..... but whose??..... It just suddenly struck me... Blackadder & Baldrick!!!!

    ""Do you have a cunning plan m'lord?""


    Blackadder:id="blue"> Baldrick, I have a very, very, very cunning plan.

    Baldrick: id="blue">Is it as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University but has moved on, and is now working for the UN at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning?

    Blackadder:id="blue"> Yes, it is.

    Baldrick: id="blue"> Mm... That's cunning!


    • One of my favorite shows of all time. Mr Atkinson at his best.

      I do so enjoy showing friends that are fans of the Fox show House, Hugh Lawrie in Blackadder clips on Youtube. Most can't believe it!


      • So true Simon, never really watched the fourth season though, just a snippit here and there.

        Anyhow...... had some 'fun' at the workbench, with surprisingly little cussing.....



        • For the 'wire mesh' I used mosquito screen, used in windows and door screens, I used the black nylon? version. Sprayed it silver/aluminium first and then coloured it with back & brown chalks.

          The mesh scales out to 2.5" squares in O and about 6" squares in HO.



          • Karl, looks really good , I don't think the LP will have to worry on the bottom floor.



            • Karl

              I am amazed at your steady and constant progress with each new posting. the walkway and protective screening is another wonderful detail.



              • Excellent!


                • Great work Karl. Did the roof trusses lift off, or did you have to thread the railings in and install the cross members with the roof in place?


                  • Always amazed at all the things we find to use in modeling. Hope the wife wasn't too upset when she saw the holes in the screens.

                    On a more serious note, good job Karl.
                    Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
                    FaceBook link:


                    • Thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated.

                      Simon, everything on this assembly is glued together. The rails were threaded in and glued, the bracing was placed and glued using long tweasers and a few 'do-overs' .

                      I have several spare screens from other houses stored in the gaage (just incase I came up for a use for them), besides, no wife to worry about upsetting here, just me.

                      Only a few more items now to finish construction of the roof and then I can move back to the main structure for progress.



                      • Just beautiful roof framing Karl. It's a shame it can't be the focus of the build. I think your coloring is excellent.


                        • More excellence, Karl! :up:


                          • Everything is fantastic in this construction, Karl. The roof framing is outstanding and the railing with the wire mesh is another great detail. You were really well inspired to rebuild this structure.


                            • quote:

                              Originally posted by Chester

                              I think your coloring is excellent.

                              It's a very complicated and time consuming process Chester, well actually, no it isnt, all I ever use to colour my wood(unless I'm following a kit instructions) is the same jar of strong A&I, throw the wood in , swill it around a bit and wait a few minutes... depending on the colour I want relates to the length of time of the soaking and when I do/redo the distressing.

                              Thanks again Mike.

                              Thanks Frederic, it is certainly turning out closer to how I imagined it the second time around.



                              • Karl,could you share your AI recipe.

                                I'm trying to imitate your shed build with my own hand cut 1/64 birch ply, balsa and basswood.
                                John Kerekes

                                Graduate, summa cum laude

                                Armchair Model Railroad Institute