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    Good afternoon crew! A late stop in for me today, but I got up and got right into my chores today.

    Jeff, sorry I missed you guys Saturday. I can't remember the last time I was at a Division meet. I normally work Saturdays, making it next to impossible to attend them.

    Well, today is cleaning day. It's a cloudy dark day outside so a good day to stay in. I past due giving the house a good cleaning, so that's my plan for the day. SteamNut is coming over tonight for another work session in the basement and I hope we get a lot of sheetrock up. I'll post pics later in the week.

    Have a great day!


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      Howdy All and a good afternoon!![^] Another afternoon shift at work and I'm just catching up on the forum. Ran to the Social Security office this morning to get an idea what my wife and I would be getting when I finally call it quits!! I was happily surprised as compared to what I was expecting!!

      Got all the upper deck wiring in and just have to complete wiring in staging. Really looking forward to getting the trains running all the way across the layout!![^]

      Hope all have a great evening!
      Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

      Andy Keeney

      Dewitt, MI