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Monday's last day of Summer lounge is open

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  • Monday's last day of Summer lounge is open

    Good Monday Morning.

    I managed to find the key and opened up. The coffee is ready along with stake/eggs, bacon, ham, hash browns, fresh OJ and toast with home made blackberry jam.

    The wife and I have to go to the big city today and since it's going to rain the timing is perfect. Worked around the house yesterday until 4 then watched the Steelers give the game away to "Da Bears". Reed missed 2 FG, and them we fumble the ball on the kickoff which sealed the game for Chicago. Oh well, there's always next weeks game.

    Time to do some pots and pans then have a coffee, take a break so I can look over the forum. Have a good day and God Bless.
    Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio

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    Good morning crew and thanks for opening Scott and the hearty breakfast. It is suppost to get up to 70F today with showers and showers the rest of the week. We haven't had rain since late August so we can use the rain. I'll be working on electrical challenges with a "Y" at a friends layout tonight. Have a great day.
    Chuck Faist

    Burlington, Ontario

    Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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      Morning all. Just checking in after the NG Convention to see what everyone else has been up to. I had a beer with Mike (runner) who took Best of Show and First Place with his diorama right after the awards and closing of the convention. Mike and I were reviewing the diorama and he noted that he really followed fairly closely the instructions which Brett created for the kit. So.. got thinking... how many of you change or do something not really called for when building a kit? I'm not talking actual structure changes, but techniques for coloring or weathering the kit you are working on. Also, about how much would you say that you make these changes? How about a brief example?

      When I build a kit, be it one of Brett's or one from some other mfg, I almost always try some variation(s) of weathering. I would say that on average about 10% to 15% of the weathering techniques are modified or expanded on from what is called for in the instructions. Example: I used a charcoal pencil to edge the boards on the run down shed on the SierraWest Scale Models Blue Sky kit.

      How about everyone else?
      -- KP --

      Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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        Good morning to the entire crew. We have another beautiful day here in the Jersey Highlands for the last day of summer/first day of fall.

        Bonnie and I are running a few errands in town. Then I will see what unfolds this afternoon.

        Have a great day!


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          Good morning all from northwest Georgia.

          Rain, rain go away and come again some other day.

          Yes after 8 straight days of heavy rain I am hoping for a sunny day soon. :erm: :erm:

          The weather weenies say by Wednesday we may see the sun.

          As for changing kits, one kit where I changed from the instructions was the Shelby's no frills kit by Sierra West.

          Brett has you build the second story walls by adding stripwood over cardstock subwalls.

          I was interested in an older look so I used the cardstock for a template and built the wall framing board by board so that some of the studs would be visible in the structure.

          I am also changing the first floor walls for the yard office from Caldwell Junction by FOS Scale Limited from stucco to clapboard which would be the building material of choice for the area I model.

          So I guess I do change things but mostly structural changes from the instructions given with the kits.

          Have a dry day one and all.
          <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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            Good Morning All.

            Not much to report from Buckeye land on this rainy Monday morning other then its past time I go get my fall hair cut-my hair doesn't grow all that fast any more so,I get a hair cut in March and then in September or October..Modeling plans for today calls for painting some more fuel tanks.

            I shall have a cup and look over the forum.

            Have a good'n! :up:


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              Good morning, Scott and crew. It’s a nice summer day here in Hampton Roads - temps are supposed to get into the low 80’s.

              The attendance at the train show in Virginia Beach this past weekend was down, but the dealers I talked to said that sales were about the same as last year. Our club is having an open house this Saturday and the weather is forecast to be beautiful, so we may have attendance problems too.

              Kris, when I build a kit, I paint and weather it for the application I have in mind.

              Have a good day.

              The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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                Good morning crew. Its a beautiful day here in south Jersey and my first day of vacation! Lot's to try to get accomplished this week, starting with the basics today - getting the lawn cut! I plan to get a lot done in the basement this week and will update my thread in the next few days with pics.

                Well, time to see what else is going on in the forum. Have a great day!


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                  Good morning from the wet eastern prairies of Colorado. Thanks for the good breakfast Scott. Yes, it's raining as I type this. It is supposed to be like this for the next few days. We always could use the moisture.

                  Had a good time running on the layouts I was a helper with for the NNG convention. I've been painting and weathering my track over the past few days and I posted some photos over on the Layout Design/op sig thread if you'd like to check it out. It's my first step in getting to the scenery part of my layout. Once the track is done I will move on to the real fun.

                  You all have a great day.
                  Bill Shanaman

                  New Haven RR

                  Hartford Division

                  in Colorado.


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                    Yeah Bill, Here in Littleton we had a touch of snow. Glad the weather held for the convention. Folks got out of town just in time to miss the wet stuff and cool temps.
                    -- KP --

                    Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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                      Originally posted by hon3_rr

                      Yeah Bill, Here in Littleton we had a touch of snow. Glad the weather held for the convention. Folks got out of town just in time to miss the wet stuff and cool temps.

                      Not quite in time, Kris. [:-cold] We left Colorado Springs around 8:30 this morning - it was 37 at my sister-in-law's house and raining! [:-cold] It was cold and rainy all the way to the C-K border, when we finally drove out of it - only to drive back into more rain on the eastern side of Kansas.

                      I see KC got the convention nod for 2014. That's good news for me!!