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"Next time, choose somebody else!"

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  • "Next time, choose somebody else!"

    There's an old joke based on the Jews being the chosen people and some thoroughly frustrated, miserable old guy turning his face toward heaven and yelling, "Next time, choose someobdy else."

    Well, that's about how I feel about Pittsburgh being "chosen" for the G-20. Aaaaaargh!

    This is not a political statement. It's pure aggravation at all the hassles we're being subjected to so they can have this bloody meeting. I'm told that the first six cities they asked said "no" (or "hell no") and it took seven tries to find someone dumb enough to say yes.

    I just canceled a group trip to Scenic Express on Friday because all the routes to and through the City will be blocked. How's that for awful!

    Funny story - there are lots of them. They just opened a brand new Children's Hospital here, and the old one is still standing and mostly fully equipped. They are billeting 500 state troopers there. I am picturing 500 water buffalo size troopers trying to sleep in pediatric beds. Snicker.

    Oh, well - we'll survive. Having the Steelers lose last night is a much more serious problem.


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    Last year Mr. Obama visited Ottawa and it was pure hell for getting around. On top of that we were going through as bus strike as well. Not only did you see everyone driving to work, roads were closed, pure chaos! It would be alot easier to send our Prime Minister on a plane and throw him in a cab and have him meet with the president in your country. I hate politics!


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      Don, more in likely the G-20 summit will open during a Steelers home or playoff game. I can see the traffic nightmare :erm: :erm: for those trying to get work.

      The Steelers gave that game away (two missed FG by Reed, kickoff fumble at the end) maybe the city should do the same thing.
      Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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        Up in the Muskoka region, a tourist railway has had to close for the whole season this year because of the construction needed for the G-8 summit. ----Next year !!! :erm:

        I'm sure that helped their bottom line. Maybe all the bigwigs will donate something extra next year. Yeah right.


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          Kansas... Where no one wants to visit. No fuss, no muss and loving it.