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    Good Morning Crew

    Hot, Fresh Steaming Joe is up and ready for all the early morning risers. After last weeks Sunday morning breakfast treat, it’s back to healthy and hearty eats. Hot and cold whole grain cereals, whole grain breads straight from the bakery and jams are ready to satisfy those hungry morning appetites. A little cheating this past week with a few office dinners and parties but no weight gain. Time to kick into high gear this coming week and burn some extra calorie.

    Steady progress on Stoney Creek’s Station kit and getting close to the home stretch now. For me, the toughest part of the kit; the pre-cast roofs. Struggle with fit and looking finish square in the eye right now. Even though it is a marvelous casting, I would revert to a tradition roof assembly if I had to do it over again. The peak over the bay wind seems to be on the small side and will require wide strips of roof flashing to blend it in. If there is one thing I’m not crazy about, is wide strips of flashing to correct gaps in the roof. I’m not sure right now how I’m going to proceed with this portion of the roof but a creative solution needs to be found. I’ll post the latest construction photos on my thread later today.

    Week two of the NFL season, with two great games on tap this weekend for my neck of the woods:

    The Giants play the Cowboys and the Jets tackle the Pats. What a football Sunday this is going to be.


    Enjoy the day and the start beautiful fall weather.


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    Howdy Peter and all

    Thanks for the hot coffee and "healthy and hearty eats" (I guess that means no maple bars).

    I have one of Stoney Creek's kits also. I have the only HO kit he made, Schnebly Mining Supply Company. Of course it remains with all the other unbuilt kits I have in storage.

    I might have to postpone retirement for a while. I took Joan to the doctor for her 12 week checkup and he said she was not responding to the teaatment, so we stopped the injections and medicine. Joan was really depressed (and still is). This was a one shot deal. Either the treatment works or sucks-be-you; nothing else available. He did mention that there was a new medicine on the horizon that should be available in 2010. The treatment is for a year, so everything is on hold. The treatment is very taxing on Joan and she says now that she doesn't want to go through it again. But, things change.

    On a brighter side, the layout is coming along and Joan is slowly getting back to normal. I am tackeling mountain building using cardboard strips with the plaster-patch over it.

    Quick question about Sculptamold. I don't know where to get it locally, can something else be used in it's place?


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      Good morning, Peter John and crew. I’m heading to the Virginia Beach train show again today. I’m helping tear it down, so it’ll be a long day.

      The entire family was able to get together for dinner last night – three children and spouses and our five grandchildren. It’s not easy to get everyone together and we had a great time.

      John, sorry to hear about Joan’s treatment not working. Let’s hope the medicine coming out next year has better results.

      Have a good day.

      "Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect." Captain A. G. Lamplugh


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        I am sorry to here that Joan did not respond to the treatment and her response to the negative news is to be expected. I'm sure with time Joan will come around and be positive try the new medicine next year.



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          Good Sunday Morning Everybody.

          51 and sunny this morning heading to 78 by afternoon.

          We have a full day ahead as summer starts to fade. I start off by mowing the grass, work some more in the barn, then grill some steaks for dinner as today is our 29th wedding anniversary. Last night I took her out for dinner and a movie, and Jeremy is taking us out for dinner tomorrow night as he has to work today.

          The Steelers play at 4:15 today vs "Da Bears". Since I didn't get NFL Sunday Ticket this year I have to hook up the antenna to pick up ch. 7.

          John, sorry to hear that Joan isn't responding to the medication as well as expected. Hopefully, the new medication that comes out next year will be better.

          Time for anther coffee and look over the forum. Have a good day and God Bless.
          Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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            Good morning Peter and crew. We have another beautiful fall-like day on tap here in the Jersey Highlands. Keep them coming as far as I'm concerned.

            John, I'm sorry to hear that Joan's treatment didn't work. At least there is some possible sunshine on the horizon.

            The folks are coming over this afternoon for a visit, so no modeling on the agenda for today. I will do some reading, however.

            Well, time to check out the rest of the forum. Have a great day!


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              Good Afternoon All.

              Not much to report from Buckeye land on this cloudy Sunday...I have no plans for today and no club meeting since I am expecting company this afternoon..

              John,Sorry to hear your wife's treatment didn't work.

              I shall have a cup and look over da forim.

              Have a good'n!


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                Good afternoon Peter and crew. Great healthy breakfast you provided. John hope things improve for your wife. Life seams always full of challenges. Yesterday went to the Tottenham NFR NMRA first ever train show. Not a lot of attendees but considering that this isn't not in a populated area, I thnk they did OK. I was asked to help judge a model that one of the fellows brought. He was about 10% short of a merit award but with a little work he can make it happen. Have a great day.
                Chuck Faist

                Burlington, Ontario

                Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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                  I re-read my comment in this thread; and I might have came across rather cold or maybe like a jerk with my comment about Joan and then my following comment about on the brighter side.

                  Let me clear up something, Joan's condition is life threatening; but not today. With her blood count, we were told that she has plenty of years left, enough to wait for another cure in the horizon. It would have been great if she responded to the treatment; and yes, there is no other treatment available now, and the odds were around 70% against her; and it is discouraging that she failed the treatment; but we knew all these things going in.

                  We've been dealing with this for 13 weeks now, and this came as a great letdown; but we both know that we have to snap out of it and live everyday for it's worth and not dwell in the results. Joan is looking forward to tomorrow and if a new cure comes along, well thats good; but she is not giving up, nor am I


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                    I got back home yesterday from my trip to England, and today my 2nd bag (with the Christmas presents I bought, among other stuff, showed up. So the day is off to a good start.

                    Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)