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Boulder Valley Models Twin Schnozzer Build-Update

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  • Boulder Valley Models Twin Schnozzer Build-Update

    (EDIT: see updates beginning on page two, re-posted photos that were lost when I changed ISP accounts last year)

    I recently started construction of three 'Durante Motors' Twin Schnozzers from Boulder Valley Models...two for friends, and one for me. Here are some photos of the first loco off the assembly line.

    The shop crew and everyone around the Sonora Grande yard came by to get a look at the new critter.

    I added a simple styrene floor and frame side sills to enhance the appearance and make the locomotive easier to handle. The cab and steps are relatively fragile, so the frame gives my clumsy fingers a better handle for grabbing the locomotive.

    I added headlights and details on the frame, grab irons on the cab and pilots, and brake hoses. I also added mufflers and exhaust pipes made from brass tubing and styrene tubes for the muffler bodies. They are held on with wire brackets pinned to the cab walls.

    There is room for sound in the cab, or an engineer and control stand can be added. Bachmann provides space in the underframe for a 1/2" speaker, I do not know if there is a plug and play sound decoder available for this critter...but it would be easy to add sound.

    The rusty, crusty paint was done using the old sea salt method. I moistened the model with a finger dipped in a dish of water before applying the salt over the rusty undercoat.

    One of the things I love about modeling in 1/48 is the texture you can achieve on models, which isn't possible in smaller scales.

    The kit is easy to put together, and makes a great little loco that looks funky and pulls like crazy (many of the parts in the kit are weighted castings, adding to the loco's pulling power). Highly recommended!

    I will post more on the following two models, with some variations in their construction.

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    go on then, tell us how you did the rust spots and the paint job??

    i have to admit, after seeing geezer's, and now yours i am leaning into getting myself one of these kits :P


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      Very nice critter, Verne. Life must be hard in your desert for these locos...


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        Wonderful Little critter.



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          Great peeling paint effect, what a wonderful build! I really like your display base.



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            Great looking locomotive. Nice job! :up:

            Louis L&R Western Railroad
            Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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              Super builds, and great weathering and painting, of course I like the style.



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                Thank you for the kind comments...the color is Testors Afrika Mustard with a light overspray of Krylon Rusty Metal Primer to simulate oxidized, bleached paint on the upward surfaces. This one's for friend Bill Hay, who will put it to work on a mercury mine and wanted a last-gasp beat up look.

                A similar loco is nearly complete with the same paint scheme, plus a third that will be 'nice' - no rust, well maintained, with a pleasant green color. For my own Estrella & Sonora Grande, I will do something that represents a newer loco that gets more careful mainenance.

                The peeled paint was done using the 'sea salt' method documented here on Dallas' site: I used acrylic washes to simulate rust streaks as well as a bit of drybrushing edges of the frame, etc. It was a fun project!


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                  Great looking loco Verne!


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                    Verne...a big "I like it too!"....sully


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                      Your modifications to the BVM kit compliment the "dog's breakfast" appearance of a loco that might have rolled down into the wash and subsequently sports a home built cab ... an odd collection of angles and curves. Your weathering job makes it even more interesting to look at ... the mustard paint job seems like something a shop foreman would consider appropriate.

                      Well done, and looking forward to seeing further examples of your amazing talents.



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                        Wonderful job on an interesting looking loco. I like the roof being a slightly lighter/faded yellow of the main body, looks more weather beaten.

                        Great job.



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                          Hey Verne --

                          That looks great! Well, actually, I guess it looks pretty "cruddy" [:-fight] ... but somehow that makes my heart go piddy-pat as I'm having some scrambled eggs on a Sunday morning and catching up on things! [:-toast]

                          The Afrika mustard is a great color ... have used that on a variety of things ... including a brick building in a town scene just to break up the red bricks. Weathering looks great all over, especially on the exhaust (nice touch!)

                          And, all that said, I'll still look forward to your neat green one! [:P]


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                            A very nice little loco and a first class paint job!
                            Troels Kirk

                            Näsum, Sweden


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                              Great looking critter. Like the rust effects.
                              Chuck Faist

                              Burlington, Ontario

                              Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!