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Model Train Show in Clayton, NY

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  • Model Train Show in Clayton, NY

    Last weekend we piled into our new (used) F250 Super Duty Crew Cab pick-up and headed over the border, passports in hand, to the town of Clayton, NY. The town of 1,900, nestled on the shore of the St.Lawrence River, was recently voted "Best Small Town in America" by Costal Living magazine. But it wasn't the hype from the magazine article that drew us there last weekend. (Although it is a pretty little town)

    No, it was the annual Thousand Islands Model Train Show. Sure it's no Big East Train Show (Springfield) but I kind of like the smaller shows because they showcase the local model train clubs and hobby dealers.

    Plus, our children (l-r) Jaime(7), Cara(5) and Dustin(8) got to run a few trains. (It was Dustin's turn in this shot!)

    Following are some photos taken of some superb modelling from the Watertown Model Railroad Club. The club layout is modular in design with a double-tracked main running down the centre. The era is modern with some great looking scenery and structures. Check them out.

    Here's a fine example of some weathering

    Another club worthy of mention was from Norwood, NY with some fine modelling as well.

    This is surely a finely-crafted scene and structure:

    The picture backdrop, shown in the photo below, definitely completes this module!

    All in all it was a fine afternoon in the "North Country" and yes, I managed to purchase one model train item: an HO Scale Kato F40PH locomotive for $US85. If you factor in the exchange rate $US vs $CDN and adding our PST and GST, I think it was a good deal.

    Our day in New York State concluded with a leisurely drive along NY Route 12E towards the tiny village of Cape Vincent, NY where boarded the ferry to return back to Canada and Wolfe Island. After clearing Canada Customs - all of a minute or so - we crossed the island to the village of Marysville, where we had an early dinner at The Island Grill. After some great food and refreshments we boarded the "Wolfe Islander III" ferry (below) to return home to Kingston.

    Judging from all the happy faces in the rear seat of our truck, I'd say we had a great day! My wife, Megan, like it too as she added some new-found vintage toys for her collection!

    Take care,


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    Hi Michael, looks like you guys had a nice time visiting our friends to the south. Thanks for posting the photo's.

    Greg Shinnie


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      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the photos. I was there as well, early Saturday afternoon.



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        Thanks for sharing the photos. I've heard good things about the Clayton show though I've not ventured up there yet. Maybe I'll shoot for next year and combine it with a visit to the High Peaks (where my layout is set).

        There is something to be said for smaller shows in terms of the displays and layouts and the ability to take it all in.


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          Nice way to spend a day ..

          Nothing better then a train show



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            Michael, nice photos, and it appears you had a great time. I didn't know you were headed back to HO?

            (Ha). According to Hamer,the first Ops session of the new year at his place is October 9. I hope to hold a session early in November.


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              very cool


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                Hi Everyone:

                Thanks for the comments. We sure had a great time as you saw and read.

                We would have ventured to the Picton Model Train Show this past weekend, but we had some previous committments. If anyone went to the show in Picton, please feel free to post a thread.

                Yes, Don (Shadetree Kid), it looks like HO will be scale of choice now that my roster of HO Scale locomotives has reached five (5), along with roughly 35 freight cars. It seems the tides are turning. I'll keep you posted.

                Take care,



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                  Can you get me any names of contacts for the layouts that you saw in Clayton. I would like to get their names for future Railfair contacts.

                  Thanks in advance.

                  Fred Adams