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  • RDA - Great Customer Service

    Morning, everyone,

    I just wanted to report that I received some outstanding customer service from Railway Design Associates. A number of years ago, I bought one of their kits (Delaney Iron Works) from them (via Ebay). I finally got around to working on it last week, well, part of it, anyway, and found that the sprue of windows for the stone building was not present. Nor were there any instructions. Not that I needed the instructions, but the only photo I had of the kit was the small picture I found on Ebay, so I thought instructions and a parts list would come in handy.

    Anyway, I emailed them (via Ebay) and mentioned my plight, and they immediately responded, clarified exactly what I needed, and I had the missing parts within 4 days. You can't ask for much better service than that! Both "Kitty" and "Matt" were very helpful.

    BTW, a number of years ago I built their "Clyde's Filling Station" kit and it is a really neat, unusual gas station that went together very well. Here is a photo of it:

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    That's good to know. I have the Delaney's Iron Works kit also. I haven't started it yet. Would like to see any all pictures you could post on the build.


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      My dealings with RDA have always been very good. Nice people to deal with. I have at least 5 of their kits. I'm working on one right now. No complaints at all.


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        Always nice to hear about great customer service. BTW, I love that little gas station. :up: