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A reminder about forum rules

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  • A reminder about forum rules

    In recent days and weeks, several violations of forum rules have been brought to the attention of the moderators. Some of the violations were probably unintentional and incidental. However, some have been flagrant. So it is time to remind all members about the following:

    1. Topics and followup comments of a political or religious nature are a violation of the User's Agreement. Regardless of your personal beliefs, political persuasion or affiliation, or your feelings about contemporary issues and/or a nation's government, please refrain from posting them on Railroad-Line. Additionally, please refrain from posting links to videos that could be construed as political or religious in nature. There are plenty of internet forums set up for discussions about politics, religion, morals, and ethics. Railroad-Line is not the place for such discussions or comments.

    Please read Paragraph 1 of the User's Agreement ( if you have any questions concerning this matter.

    2. Once again, we must remind all members that posting copyrighted material (including photos downloaded from internet sites) unless you are the owner or have the owner's permission is a violation of forum rules. It is also illegal. We were recently contacted by the owner of several photos which had been posted without his permission. He requested that the photos be removed, and we complied immediately. We do not intend to jeopardize the legal standing of this forum because someone thinks it's "okay" to post photos that are not his or hers.

    Again, please refer to Paragraph 1 of the User's Agreement ( if you have questions concerning this issue.

    3. Only those manufacturers/publishers who are paying sponsors of Railroad-Line and who have their own forum areas are allowed to use a link to their business site in either their signature or avatar. If you are a non-advertising manufacturer or publisher and your signature contains a link to your business, please remove it immediately - or contact Joe concerning advertising rates and information about an ad banner/forum area. Joe can be reached at "Admin" (on the first page of the members' roster)

    Please refer to Paragraphs 2, 2.1, and 3 of the User's Agreement ( if you have questions concerning this matter.

    4. Links to eBay auctions are not allowed. Please refer to Paragraph 5 of the Posting Rules ( if you have questions concerning this issue.

    Thanks for your understanding and for following forum rules regarding these matters.