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Websites for Logging, Mining, -and- Narrow Gauge

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    Found this page on Google. Measured drawings as well as operating procedures for a myriad of mining paraphernalia.,M1


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      Good point Louis.



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        On my website I have tons of useful reference photos:

        There is a huge section on old mines, mining camps, and ghost towns. There is also a small but growing section on vintage vehicles and machinery; and a section on prototype railroads and locomotives.

        Many of my photos are available in higher resolution on request, for modeling purposes only.


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          Thanks Ray... Outstanding modeling references!
          -- KP --

          Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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            Mississippi has a very great logging history, we still had a great deal of logging as local industry till the paper mill shut some years ago. The website MississippiRails has a great deal of history and some excellent photos. The link is which gives a great deal of railroad history and has a section just on logging railroads.


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              Great information in this thread, thank you!

              I like looking through this site quite a bit


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                That's a good link LHC, thanks.
                Dave Mason


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                  I have a few links for those interested in mining stuff. LOTS and lots of pics on these sites.

         for tipples, mining facilities and plants. This site covers many states worth of mines and railroads. Some steel mills as well.

         for images of mining equipment, mining cars and locomotives, railroads etc.

         for lots of anthracite region images and underground images.

         a forum with pics videos etc for those interested in all types of underground mining from hard rock to coal.



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                    Here is a link to a site featuring photo's of mining in my old stomping grounds, Michigan's Upper Peninsula.(the U.P.) I lived in Neguanee for a year or two, and there are parts of town that are fenced off because of caving ground, somehow it reminds me of Cornwall. There's plenty of inspiration in the photos for builds.But now I'm hungry for a Pasty! [:-idea]


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                      Originally posted by teaspoon

                      There's plenty of inspiration in the photos for builds.But now I'm hungry for a Pasty! [:-idea]

                      You mentioned Pasty's , I first ( 1980 ) had one at a bakery in Garden Grove CA when I worked for the Navy at the Long Beach Navy yard, we'd break the speed limits to get there and be back by the time the whistle blew !! not sure if it was the original recipe but the said it was . the next time I had one was Maxville Mt where the Cornish miners in the area bought Pasty'Sfrom the cafe owners grand parents from the original recipe back to the early 1900'S. A bit of stew meat , potatoes, carrots and onions,boiled then baked to give a hard crust.

                      Good stuff!!!


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                        I'm a Yooper living in Da Land o da trolls, Pasties are the only thing keeping me going. [:-viking]


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                          Excellent reference. I think I have a few shay kits to get ride of.



                          " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                            Many of the links listed here, admittedly from many years ago, are now dead.
                            Home of the HOn3 North Coast Railroad, along the shores of Lake Ontario.


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                              Hi David

                              I have found that if you go to the root directory on the listed website, new indexes exist.

                              for example

                     is a dead link



                              Mike M