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Ballast - Woodland Scenics vs. Highball Products

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  • Ballast - Woodland Scenics vs. Highball Products

    I am planning on ballasting a few sections of hard to reach HO track. I was going to use Woodland Scenics ballast. But after looking on the web I see that people are mentioning that Woodland Scenics ballast is made from Pecan Shells and has a tendency of floating away while gluing it down. These people mentioned Highball Products as being made of real cinder. Highball Products is a little tought to find here (Well, anything hobby related is tough to find here) but; is it a better ballast. I also see where, if I were to use the Woodland Scenics brand, people use fine for HO and not medium. For the Highball brand they use the N instead of HO. I will probably have to order this stuff so I want to get the right kind. I assume some sort of gray blend would be universal also.

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    John, I like the look of the Highball Products ballast better than the WS stuff, but it is way more expensive, so I stuck with the WS Grey Blend, fine (for my HO layout). I've actually been thinking of getting some playground sand and sifting it, to use in my industrial areas.