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Grand Canyon Railroad?

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  • Grand Canyon Railroad?

    I have a business trip to Phoenix next month and am thinking of taking the family. We plan to head up to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon train caught my eye. Anyone here taken the train? Thoughts, comments or feedback welcome.


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    We took the train back in 2005 and really enjoyed the trip.

    Gave us plenty of time to look round the various viewing points before climbing back on for the return trip.

    When we rode it, we were entertained by musicians, got held up at gunpoint and I'm sure I remember Injuns tring to stop the train!

    Not much in the way of scenery on the trip, but a pleasant relaxing way to get to the Canyon., especially after the long drive (by Brit standards) to get to Flagstaff.


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      My parents have ridden it twice and enjoyed it. It is all diesel now, as they have retired the steamers.


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        What a shame, the steamers were the only reason for making the trip!


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          As a followup to Chuck's statement, here is a paragraph on the Grand Canyon's curtailment of steam operations from the following website.

          "Again in the U.S., the Grand Canyon Railway was taken over by new management (Xanterra Corporation) who soon decided that steam locomotives were incompatible with their desire to maintain a corporate "green" image. Locomotives 4960 and 29, both of which had been extensively modernized, have been parked. These locomotives had been fitted with Lempor exhausts and new oil-firing systems designed by Nigel Day. More recently, Chinese copies of Worthington "SA" type feedwater heaters had been fitted. Further improvements were planned. It's a shame that one of the biggest steam modernization success stories has been side-lined."

          Too bad, they looked like they were doing everything right! [V]
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            Too bad about the steam, I had realized that this was the case from their web site. Looks like they run some classic diesel however. We are thinking about taking the train up and spending the night in one of the lodges. I would love to see sunrise and sunset at the canyon


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              I'd love to see the classic ALCO/MLW diesels at the Grand Canyon, too. We have a good fix of steam here with 1225 as well as the Rio Grande 3 foot RR at Huckleberry RR near Flint and the New River's little 4-6-2 in Coldwater.
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                Well we bit the bullet and booked it! I am really looking forward to this trip.