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  • Looking for help

    Been hanging out here for several years off and on.

    We own a real Case Traction Engine model 110.

    We would like to create a working 1/4 scale version version of it.

    Any idea of type of machinery one would need to purchase? Who from?

    Other thoughts?

    Newly retired and going crazy.

    :erm: :erm:

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    Hi PG,

    I think I would try and find someone that is in your area that is familiar with what you are trying to do and pick their brain--a lot! He doesn't have to be building a scale model of a tractor, it can be anything, someone building a scale live steamer, for instance. They will have a workshop much like what you will need and if you only have a very limited need for certain types of machines, you could probably pay them to do the work on those parts.

    Just a thought!! Good luck, it sounds like you should have loads of fun on this adventure!![^]
    Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

    Andy Keeney

    Dewitt, MI


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      Andy has offered good advice. If you have any live steamers in your area they would certainly have the tools. Busy Bee Tools used to have books on machining etc.
      Chuck Faist

      Burlington, Ontario

      Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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        Traction engine modeling is a whole hobby in itself. Not so big on this side of the pond as it is in England, where it is huge. I too am interested in traction engines and models of them.

        Check out these links:

        Model Engineering Clearinghouse Forum a good place to pick up tips and ideas and see what others have done.

        A Yahoo Groupa US based bunch of guys who are model traction engine enthusiasts.

        Steam Scenes If you like traction engines, you will like this site.

        Traction TalkProbably the best source of information on modeling traction engines.

        I hope this gives you food for thought.

        Steam Forever!

        Christopher [:-clown]
        Clowning around with trains.