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Micro Mark Photo Etch system

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  • Micro Mark Photo Etch system

    Anyone using this? If so, how does it work? I am needing some stencils and thought this might work to make them. I'm talking about letters as small as 1/8" high although more like 3/8" to 1/2".

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    Before you go through that, take a look at Model Expo, they have brass letters already made.

    Just a satisfied customer.
    Dave Mason


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      Thanks Dave but I need an inverse image to use as stencils. Thanks for the link though, I need to look through their catalog.



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        I was just going to order the same photo etch kit for the same reason. I would also like to know how it works. I have seen Tim Warris at Fasttracks use stencils he laser cut to paint the lettering on an HO locomotive tender. I would think that stencil sprayed letters would look much better than decals when applied over wood.


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          I am very happy with the results I get from laser cut stencils made for me by Kingmill Enterprises.

          The practical limit on how small the stencils can be is more a function of painting than cutting. Chris Jessee can cut letters so small that it is almost impossible to get paint through them.

          A combination of stencils and decals is probably best for lettering rolling stock.

          Mark Chase

          Richmond VA


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            Kingmill Enterprises, I'll have to look into them. Are the stencils paper, plastic or something else? Do you have an email address or web link?




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              I etch all the time:


              To make HOn30, N, and Z scale parts. These were all etched with it:





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                Your models and the progress photos are great.



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                  Wow, Chris that is exactly what I was looking for. Amazing work, especially when you think about it being Z scale. Perhaps the Micro Mark system will be good for the stencils I want to make. I saw other web sites that made photo etch look very complicated but yours shows it isn't any more difficult than the resin casting I was doing.



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                    How about a "How to" on etching parts?


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                      Impressive work!



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                        How to?

                        1. Create artwork (I use AutoCAD)

                        2. print the artwork out on a clear transparencies made for ink jets.

                        3. lay both sides of the artwork on top of each other.

                        4. Lightly wet sand the brass sheet.

                        5. Wet the brass and stick the resist film to both sides of the brass and get most of the water out (like window tint)

                        6. Run the brass through a laminator 3 times.

                        7. Put the brass in-between the 2 artwork sheets.

                        8. Clamp into the plexi and expose to light.

                        9. Take the brass out and soak it in developer, the un-exposed areas will wash away.

                        10. Go for a bath in the etchant.

                        11. More developer will take the rest of the film off.

                        12. Enjoy.

                        No it wasn't that easy the first time, but I'm so used to it now.

                        BTW the kit is on sale right now:


                        Only warning I can give: You need to be able to create and print the artwork. Many programs will work for this.

                        If anyone buys the kit and has problems let me know.