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    Good Morning All,

    Well it looks like a pretty day here in mid-Michigan and I'm here at work already. I set the table for all my friends and there is skillet loads of bacon and eggs and hot toast just waiting for you. So grab a cup of coffee or OJ and pull up a chair!!

    Hope everyone has a great day![^]
    Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

    Andy Keeney

    Dewitt, MI

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    Thanks Andy for breakfast. It is a little cool here again. Low 70's. So much for the hot summer the weatherman predicted. Spent last night working on the friends blacksmith shop. Always have a good time there with the layout crew.
    Chuck Faist

    Burlington, Ontario

    Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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      Good morning Andy, I think I just might dive in and have some of that bacon!

      I hope today carries on better than it started. I managed to dump the weeks re-cycling box upside down in the middle of the driveway while hauling the garbage to the curve. Broken glass, cans, plastic all over the place! Oh well, it was nice to be outside in what looks like it is going to be a really nice day.

      From a MRR point of view, I want to spend some time installing my new wireless plate in its final location and really get to grips with my new DCC throttle.


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        Good morning folks

        It was 70 F and feeling humid on the way this morning. High today will be 85 F.

        It has been a good and bad few days. On the good side we had a great day trip to Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware on Friday. We a good time on the beach and did not have any issues with bratty kids or twenty something jerks running wild on the beach. On Saturday we spent part of the day at a local pool club and later caught some fireworks. On Sunday we bought some new blinds for the living room to replace the crappy “custom” blind we got a few years ago. The “custom” blinds have given us nothing but problems since I put them up. I got one of the new blinds installed.

        The bad stuff was I got sick. I came down with body aches and a cough on Sunday night. Yesterday morning I felt too weak to even drive to work. I spent most of the day in bed. Today I feel stronger. I still have a little bit of cough but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. Lastly I did not get any train time.

        Tonight is flute lesson for my daughter and hopefully blinds installation.

        I hope everybody has a good day.


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          Good morning, Andy and crew. We’re having another beautiful day here in Tidewater Virginia. I’ve got to schedule my bike rides for the next couple weeks so I can catch the Tour on TV. Yesterday, Lance’s experience placed him at the right place at the right time and it turned out to be an interesting finish.

          I did some work on my diorama yesterday. I had to put it down and walk away a couple times. I still haven’t learned to quit messing with things while glue is drying.

          Tom, I hope you’re feeling better.

          Have a good day.

          With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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            Sunny, bright but cool here in the mitten state this morning, was only 50 degrees at get up. Forecast to go to 74. Low humids and bright sun will make for a nice day.

            No news to speak of here. I hope all are well and have good days.

            BE SAFE!
            Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

            Cedar Swamp
            SW of Manistique, MI

            Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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              Good Tuesday Morning Everyone.

              Its a beautiful start to the day at a sunny 65 heading to 80. Andy, that bacon and eggs is jest what the doctor order.

              I tried out my new brush cutting head and it worked as advertised. I'll do more cutting today. Jeremy is on vacation for the next two weeks so he'll be helping me over the next few days with some projects. It's amazing to see how fast a 23 year old can work. Compared to Dad he works at light speed. While we were taking a breather, he said he wanted to go camping and musky fishing at Leesville Lake, and he would pay the camping fees since I'm laid off. He said we'll go some time early next week and be back by Thursday as he's taking me to Pittsburgh for a Pirates game Friday night.

              This months RMC has a great article on Atlas's Middlesex Manufacturing kit built as a shallow-relief structure by Don Spiro. When I get called back to work this is one kit I'm going to get as it's a close match to a building in East Liverpool, Ohio that will fit very nicely on the W.D.& B.R.R.

              It's time for another cup of coffee and look over the forum. Have a good day and God Bless.
              Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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                Morning all from a warm, currently clear and sunny Denver area. We should get some T-showers later today, as usual.

                The big bummer to report is that I have a leak in the second floor bathroom above our living room. Had the plumber out yesterday, and we thought that the leak was fixed... Not!!! So this is going to get expensive, the last thing one needs when you just got layed off due to decisisons to close the Department one managed.. So... I'm just watching my railroad purchases going flying out the window, or should I say, down the toilet... But hey, no challenges in life would make it really dull...

                On a side note, one of the members of the club I'm in has a article on the use of mirrors in the new issue of RMC.

                I may be able to get in a little bench time later today, we'll see. Anyway, hope everyone has a great day.
                -- KP --

                Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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                  Morning all - the rain has returned here in northern Maine after 2 dry days.

                  Not much else going on...did a little work on the lumber yard last night. Should have it done in a couple of days, unless I get sidetracked doing something else.

                  Have a great day,

                  Dave :erm:
                  "there\'s something happening here, what it is ain\'t exactly clear"


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                    Good Morning All!

                    Not much to report from the land of Buckeyes on this sunny Tuesday..On my rest this morning I saw 3 NS trains..Yesterday all I did was watch 2 railroad DVDs..Today I need to do my house chores and then maybe work the DRT yard..Its hard to believe a week from Saturday the 8 day county fair starts and that requires around 54 hours of train running.That's less then 7 hours a day and I get bored after the first 15 minutes of loop running..Thankfully the majority of the equipment we will be running doesn't need constant attention so, time can be pass by talking..We stay close to the control panel-just in case.

                    I shall have a cup and look over the forum.

                    Have a good day! :up:


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                      Boy, after a 4 day weekend it sure doesn't seem like i got much done. No RR time at all. Friday was spent in KC helping the son pick up and install a new stove. Deinstalled the old one, moved to the garage and hauled an old fridge up out of his basement to the garage. He is hoping to recycle these through Habitat for Humanity. Saturday morning visited with mom at the assisted living. Sat. afternoon spent shopping for food stuffs to take to the in-laws. We did manage to get over to the city lake and watch the fireworks show from the back of the pickup. Up early on Sunday and drove the 2 1/2 hours down to the in-laws. MIL has not been doing well for the past two weeks so was time to put in a showing. Found out she needs gall bladder surgery. Spent all day helping the FIL get things done around the place. Monday was spent replacing the water valve for the ice maker on the fridge, mowing the yard and getting everything done around our house. So, back to work today, weekend over just like that. Tom


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                        Well, Bonnie and I are back home from the Hartford National. We had a great time and saw a number of good clinics. Now it is time to unpack, check the mail, and relax.


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                          Back already Bruce? I thought that the Harford convention went on all this week with the National Trainshow this coming weekend?


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                            Originally posted by simon1966

                            Back already Bruce? I thought that the Harford convention went on all this week with the National Trainshow this coming weekend?

                            That is indeed, true, Simon. Sadly, this was all we could fit into our schedule.