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  • Mt.Albert Scale Model

    Does anyone know what the new annual model is and or looks like. I cannot find any photos of it on their website. It is suppose to make it's appearance at the NNG convention.

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    I did speak to Gerry Cornwell about that kit when he was in Australia for the NGC, and he reluctantly told me what was coming up. Correct, it should be at the next US NNGC, where he will get some feedback on the pilot model, and then make a few changes if required, before the kit is put out.

    I can only say it is perhaps a bit different as a structure, not so much a typical railway related piece. I thought the idea was a good one, for puting up a kit that is probably fairly regularly built, but manufacturers have thus far sort of overlooked. Foot print for the kit was fairly compact I believe, and those allowing a bit of rural space on their layouts should be interested when its released...

    I'll respect Gerry's release times and not say much more about the kit, but I think each kit he releases is getting better each time. The last set of 5 loco fueling depot pieces was again a creative idea, encouraging a bit more flexibility to the modeller.

    Dan Pickard


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      He had the display model at the Kimberton show in May. Is it supposed to be a secret?


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        If it was already at two different events it can't be that big a secret and it will definitely be on display at the NRMA this weekend so lets see it. Pat


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          Nice message, Dan. It launched the small grey cells, and now I'm looking forward to see if I guessed rightly from your hints (and probably I won't but, it's pleasant anyway).