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  • Photo Blog Fairbanks to Illinois

    Here I am sitting in Seattle for a couple of days of business meetings at a convention prior to heading up to Fairbanks. As I mentioned in the morning thread a couple of days ago, I am en-route to what will be quite a journey over the next several days. It has been suggested that I might post some images to document the journey. So in that spirit here is a bit if transport history from Seattle

    That's right, the 1962 monorail that connects downtown to the Space Needle. As I took the shot, I was intrigued by the colored light reflecting on the concrete rail. I turned quickly and caught this reflection in the Science building

    I am here in Seattle for one more day and then fly up to Fairbanks Wednesday morning to commence the drive.

    I will attempt to post images of interest as we make the trip.

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    Great shots Simon. Love that last one. Looking forward to more as you head north. Have a safe and good trip!![^]
    Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

    Andy Keeney

    Dewitt, MI


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      Nice photos, Simon. Looking forward to the additional pics in the coming days. I hope you and your daughter have a good, safe trip back from Alaska and that things go well for you during your journey.


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        I'm looking forward to the photos, Simon. You are certainly off to a good start!


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          wonderful photos


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            This morning I caught the flight from Seattle up to Fairbanks via Anchorage. The views from the plane were amazing. Here is a glacier that I got a shot of just prior to landing in Anchorage

            It took a little while to get the car loaded and we finally left Fairbanks at 5:30 PM. The sun high in the sky!

            First stop, the ultimate in marketing spin, the town of North Pole, AK

            complete with Christmas store and live reindeer.

            The AlCan highway is really a decent road. At this time of year we are seeing a lot of road work, but so far at least very little other traffic

            This is very typical of the scenery that we are seeing on the road.

            Tonight we are in ToK, AK less than 200 miles to the Canadian border and a drive into the Yukon Territory'

            At 10:45 PM I took this shot

            and as I write now nearing midnight, the sky is still quite light with a wonderful sunset.


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              Magnificent pictures! We demand more. [:-bouncy]

              Dave :erm:
              "there\'s something happening here, what it is ain\'t exactly clear"


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                Great pics Simon. What a trip!![^] Thanks for posting.
                Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

                Andy Keeney

                Dewitt, MI


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                  What a great trip. Thanks for the pictures.

                  With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                    More pictures, must have more. [:-bouncy][:-jumprefect][:-jump2] . Magnificent country and pictures Simon. I really like the one at sunset, it's 10:45, and it isn't dark yet. Wishing you and your daughter a safe journey home.
                    Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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                      Fantastic, Simon! Please keep them coming.


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                        WE'd like a live webcam, can you work on that?

                        Seriously, great to see the fine photos.
                        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                        Cedar Swamp
                        SW of Manistique, MI

                        Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                          This is fun - thanks


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                            Great pix, Simon! may your trip be everything you hope for!


                            in Michigan


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                              wonderful pictures Simon


                              more, more