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    Coffee is on and there is danish to go with it.

    Weather in Central Jersey if you can believe this its raining[:-snorkel] again!!

    Looks to be this through tomorrow sometime.

    Time to look over the forum then do some work today is my Friday thank God!!!

    Everyone have a great day


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    Good morning crew. Thanks for the coffee, Jerry. It’s nice and cool here in Tidewater Virginia this morning. Some rain passed through last night, but we needed it.

    I spent some time at the work bench last night working on a shed. We have our monthly business meeting at the club tonight, so I won’t get anything accomplished tonight.

    Have a good day.

    Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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      Good morning all,

      Thanks for the coffee. Had a little rain come thru during the night. Kinda cooled things off. High temps predicted to be in the low 80's today. Thats cool for us.

      I get to work around six every morning. Just as daylight is breaking. Beautiful site.

      Ya'll have a great day.



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        Good morning to the entire crew. We got quite a bit of rain yesterday, and it looks like we have another few days of the same on tap.

        We are heading an hour south today so Bonnie can visit with a friend. I keep busy poking around a few of my regular haunts, including a model railroad shop.

        Got to get going. Have a great day!


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          Thanks for the coffee Jerry, I will pass on the Danish. Beautiful day ahead here on the island so looks like yard work and no layout today!!


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            Good Thursday Morning Everybody.

            Woke up this morning with the furnace running, and no wonder, it's 42. We have sunny sky's that will push our high to 71. We got some much needed rain yesterday, and everything looks refreshed. I wont have to water the gardens for a while, and the grass is to wet to mow today Later on this afternoon I'll get more mulch and finish the paths between the gardens as that project got rained out.

            Not much to report on the modeling front as the warm weather is in full swing. To many things to do outside this time of year.

            Time to wander over to the counter for another coffee and look over the forum. Have a good day and God Bless.
            Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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              Good morning folks

              It was 57 F and raining on the way into work. High today will be 68 F with more rain.

              Had a little fun on the way. There was an accident at the beginning of a construction zone it caused a big slow down. I had to get off the Interstate at a different exit and then bushwhack instead of sitting and waiting.

              Last night my son had his baseball game. He also contacted his first merit badge councilor and set his first conference.

              Tonight my daughter is supposed to have a softball game. I think it has a good chance of being rained out.

              My son received a partial scholarship to participate in a Young Artist Program at a local Art College.

              I hope everybody has a good day.


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                Good morning to all. It's a beautifull day here in the heartland. Hey Jerry, check the weather in Kansas and be prepared to have the same in Jersey three days later! My B-I-L lives in Jersey and always wants to know the weather here so he can plan his week!!! Anyway, you all have another cup of coffee and enjoy the day. I think I'll go out in the barn, uncover the layout and do a little track work. Hopefully I can run point to point a little longer than four feet by the end of the day!


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                  Bright sun but cool in MI this am, wish we had a bit of Scott's rain, things are dry as all get out.

                  No big plans for much, at least the grass has slowed down without the rain. A little bench action late today and Red Wings on TV tonight.

                  Everyone have a good day.

                  BE SAFE!!
                  Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                  Cedar Swamp
                  SW of Manistique, MI

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                    Good morning crew. Thanks for the coffee Jerry. It's cool and raining here on ole cape cod. The rain barrel will get some much needed refreshing.Windows for the house are being installed this morning.Since outdoor work is not possible, I'll get a chance to hit the modeling bench today.


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                      Good morning all,

                      Thanks for the coffee and danish Jerry. Looks like a nice day outside. Just getting goin a little late today. It was nice being able to sleep in. Tomorrow it is back to the 5:30A getup!!

                      Not much railroading on tap for today, I have lots of things that I should be getting done in the house. Wish me luck!!
                      Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

                      Andy Keeney

                      Dewitt, MI


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                        Morning gang!

                        Thanks for the coffee; but I'd better pass on the danish. I had my annual physical recently and I basically failed the blood test. Doc says "cut carbs and lose weight!!"

                        I haven't been up to much lately as we had a short busy blast and I've been schlepping into to Boston for 6:00am most days to monitor an install.

                        That's done now so it will quiet down again. I did some ballasting last night and I tried the tile grout on a siding. I like the way it looks but, its pretty testy to spread it and clean the track before wetting.

                        I'm starting to do a little scenery too. Having finished my Spooner's kitbash I want to put that scene together so I can take some pictures and get em posted.

                        Well, have a good day everyone!
                        "What the heck wuz that?"

                        Ron Haviland


                        Red Water Railway Co.

                        L.B. & S Shortline RR.

                        Podunk, New England


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                          Good Morning All!

                          Not much to report from land of Buckeyes on this sunny but cool Thursday morning..On my walk rest I saw 2 NS trains and watch the power company reset a pole..This pole was located across the tracks next to the tavern(soon to be a demolish honky tonk/bar room/beer joint).I suspect it was moved due to the West connector...Still no activity as far as construction start up.I suspect the delay is cause by the power company moving poles in that area.Yesterday was another "down" day due to company.

                          I shall have a cup and look over the forum.

                          Have a good'n!


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                            Good afternoon all...a beautiful sunny day here in northern Maine. No modeling last night as we were having computer [!][!] problems at work so I was late in getting home. I have been working on my Campbell Supply Company kit and hope to get some more done this evening.

                            Saw something different the other day - it was a Federal Railway Administration Safety (I'm pretty sure that's what it said) car crossing the overpass I go through on the way to work. It was red, white and blue. Looked like it was running on it's own power. Anybody ever see something like that before?

                            Have a great one,

                            Dave :erm:
                            "there\'s something happening here, what it is ain\'t exactly clear"


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                              Afternoon All...Its partly cloudy and 65 here dropped down in low 40's last nite..strange weather...Got good news this morning Visiting Nurse released me this morning...You all have a good one...Jerry
                              Jerry Cox