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Lake Superior -and- Ishpeming

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  • Lake Superior -and- Ishpeming

    Hi All,

    This video brings back memories. Back in the 70s and 80s I was up in the Marquette and surrounding area (Upper Michigan) almost weekly. I spent a lot of time around the LS&I and C&NW sites while I was there.

    I took a lot of slides but lost them all in the house fire. Lots of Soo Line early power including F units and Geeps. Also saw the C&NW FM Baby Trainmasters (I know that isn't correct terminology but most everyone knows what they are! ) before they left the property with ex-N&W high nose C-628s taking their place. I was at LS&I's facility at Eagle Mills when they were sandblasting the Gators for the new paint job you see in these scenes.

    Ah, for the good ol' days![^]
    Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

    Andy Keeney

    Dewitt, MI

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    Great footage. Totally enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting.




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      The LS&I was the first prototype I modeled, or at least used as a guide, and the railroad that helped name my Sandric & Lake Superior. The resulting layout was where operation began for me, probably what has kept me in the hobby to this day. The layout combined two plans from Linn Westcott's "101 Track Plans" book, #96, the Orrville Mining RR, and #8, the Port Ogden & Northern RR. Somewhere in the files are photos of this layout.

      I also visited the LS&I property in 1958 and spent two days wandering about the Marquette yards and over to Ishpeming and that neighborhood photographing everything. A slide show resulted and included steam still in operation at the time, primarily 2-8-0s working the Marquette ore yards and dock. It was an unforgetable experience and a real workout for my Hassleblad.

      As operation has remained to this day, so has iron ore mining and shipping on my current layout, S&LS No. 12. I won't take the time here to explain how iron ore is worked into the D&RGW's Royal Gorge Route -- we'll leave that for another time.

      eric lundberg