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    Originally posted by Bill Gill

    Bruce, The large areas of medium green in your photos look like they are also Super Turf, yes?

    I believe so, Bill. I did that a few years ago.


    It is also on the dark tree in the second photo?

    No, the tree is a commercial item used 'as is'.


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      Originally posted by quartergauger48


      Originally posted by NP2626

      Quartergauger48, From my standpoint (a fixed income) and an enjoyment in making things, I have always wanted to make the stuff I use. I have two Woodland Scenics Field Grass packages and want to at least use these up. I was hoping to be able to use these products without the purchase of a static generator, hence my post on how to do this.

      I understand completely, and like to do the same thing. I would say though with the excessive cost of most items for the hobby, the tufts are probably the least expensive scenery item available. About the same as a bottle of turf grass. Looks like Bruce has finally answered your question. Enjoy making your tufts'...

      Yes, I can use bristles from old paint brushes or buy the grass tufts from Woodland Scenics (which I find reasonably priced). I've also seen YouTube videos on making Static Generators which are very reasonably priced. However, What do you do with a Static Generator, once you no longer need one? That is all I'm getting at, the extra cost of equipment that very soon is no longer needed. If I can do without, with little extra effort, that is what I want to do.

      Like I said somewhere, I am cheap and want to spend the big bucks on stuff I like.


      • I built a homebrew static grass applicator from the Harbor Freight flyswatter: 30 min., $10 including a little stainless sink strainer. I expect to use it off & on till my scenery is complete, then I'll probably keep it for repairs or changes.


        • For anyone interested in making cheap fake rocks I've made a video on the way I do it -

          split into carving, then painting. This is cheap and comes out alright, I spent about $30 all up and there's enough material to last me a long time.

          It took quite a lot of experimentation to get a realistic effect using extruded polystyrene but the effort results in something that is super lightweight and easy to experiment with before committing to the layout. My portable layout is already getting heavy so I didn't want plaster moulded rocks all over it.


          • gombul,

            Nicely done mate. Thank you for such a nice contribution. Looks like you have a good assistant. Love the Aussies.



            • If modeling water gives you troubles

              and you keep getting bubbles

              with resins or Mod Podge or gels,

              Take heart, so does nature,

              So don't over inflate your

              problems by summoning up spells .