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    I have been accumulating some kits and locos for some new builds for me. Rather than do a new topic on each, I will add them here to share and perhaps stimulate your curiosity.
    Tom M.

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    The "Puck" project:

    I will be using the "7mm NG Loco Body Kit - Puck" from Smallbrooks Works:

    The finished body will be mounted onto a Dapol 0-4-0 Saddle Tank Pug.

    The finished locomotive might look like the locomotive in the photo below.

    Tom M.


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      Hey Tom!! Great start on a "Stuff" topic. Your reasons are the same as mine...Would be too hard to keep track of all the topics.

      I like the idea on this build.....will it have room for a decoder?

      Maybe a small speaker could be hidden in one of the side tanks...Put a top

      on them & leave the side next to the boiler open....JMO

      This one should be interesting.

      OH Yeah! Les finally got me goin with the PR-3....boy, am I dumb!


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        Nice project, Tom, and good idea to have one central thread to put them all.


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          Second project:

          To modify my Bachmann Climax with the "Steam in the Bush" Climax cab kit:

          The locomotive has been dropped to the floor, only once, and still runs. Must find the headlight ....

          On30 "Steam in the Bush" Climax Cab Kit which included a steam winch, gypsy and hand brake.

          My finished project may look like the one shown in the link:

          Tom M.


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            The pictures on the ozsteam site are great. I'm looking forward to see you at work on this project.


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              I am really looking forward to your comments on this kit and the project. I want to build a Plantation Forney (given to me by Mr. Bachmann for such a project). I guess it would be bush forney then.

              What I am interested in is how the vertical supports anchor to the floor.

              How the roof assembles..I see the link so that helps.

              BTW...I also dropped my beast to the floor, only broke the front pilot board, the light flew off, but I recovered it. So that makes them flying....



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                I need to remove the gear from the motor on the left and install on the motor to the right. I do not have a puller nor can I get one quickly. I tried the slot in the hack saw blade but only bent the wire that I was using to push the motor shaft down through the gear.

                Any other ideas. I will not be doing anything more tonight as it is dinner time so I look fwd to suggestions.

                Tom M.


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                  Les, Geezer, Frederick:

                  I'll talk / respond to you guys tomorrow as I am in a hurry to get to a BBQ ....... I apologize
                  Tom M.


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                    Suggestion: Use some heat to free the gear. Just dont melt everything!

                    MicroMark sells a great lil puller. If you have a tap & die set, make

                    yourself one. Take two plates and drill some holes, the center one on the rear being

                    just a bit bigger than the shaft of the motor. The front plate should have a hardened

                    screw to make it work. Better solution is MicroMark! LOL!

                    Good luck on this one.


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                      Great stuff Tom, looking forward to following along.

                      The big black hose dumped one of my scratch built ON18 locos on the floor today. Lucky for me there was no damage at all.


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                        I ain't goin there...Big black hose????


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                          Smallbrooks kits are so much fun! i did the vert boiler one a while back and made it look more american

                          the droped it, not damage, so i must have done something right with it hahaha


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                            I would like to see a picture of your "Etna". I have one that I am saving for a winter project.
                            Tom M.


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                              sure, ill have to dig it out.