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  • Interesting Flat Car Load

    Recently, while crossing the CPR main at Tichborne, ON, about 40 minutes north of Kingston, there, on a siding, to my surprise, was a very interesting load worthy of replicating in miniature. About a few hundred feet west of the crossing I could see two ready-made track switches (turnouts) standing and supported horizontally, on the flatcar. (The CPR has a very small maintenance-of-way facility at Tichborne also worthy of modelling.)

    These turnouts are installed when a derailment occurs and the line needs to be put back in a hurry. I think, a few years back, one of the modelling magazines had an article written about this unique load.

    This certainly would be great item to model and place down an unused siding on one's layout.

    All that is needed, maybe, one or two turnouts placed on their side and some stripwood or strip styrene to represent the centre supporting structure. It could then be placed upon any readily available flatcar and chained down.

    Too bad I could not get any photos this time. But I thought I'd share it with the Forum anyway.

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    Hi Mike, I once saw the same load on a flatcar in Walkley Yard here in Ottawa. I must admit it sure looks cool in person! Say, when I begin my work on the extension (closer to retirement) I'll have to haul my turnouts in by rail in HO scale. I'll be sure to snap some fun pics then! [:-apple] [:-apple]
    Mike Hamer

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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      Guys, here is a gondola loaded with two prefab turnouts that I caught in the Hillburn, NY yard served by New Jersey Transit, NS, and Metro North Railroad. The gondola itself was an interesting piece of rolling stock. I don't know whose it was.



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        What a great idea - pre fab track.




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          Shinohara? Peco?


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            Hi all:

            Thanks to everyone for the replies.

            Bruce, what a great photo!

            Mike, I'll gladly help you haul the turnouts with a special work train headed up with Howie's Ontabec Central power.

            Take care,


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              These pre-fab turnouts aren't just for repairing damaged track. Penn Central had at least one site that built turnouts for installation at other locations around the system. This allowed the use of jigs --- very much like our "piano key" tie jigs --- and faster assembly. They would be shipped as you see here with the proper number of joint bars, bolts, and other hardware required for installation. I recall them being used almost exclusively in major yard construction projects.


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                Bruce, that is a cool shot! Thanks for posting. Mike, that would be fun having the gon hauled by the Ontabec Central over B&M trackage someday! [:-apple] [:-apple]
                Mike Hamer

                Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                  Cool shot! They make prefab turnouts and grade crossings down in Pueblo, CO. The old steel mill now takes in scrap steel, cleans it up and makes it into hi-grade rail. I commonly see loaded flat cars come through Denver with both thew prefab and the rail.
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                    Those are prefab switches use for replacing switches or when adding new track work like a industry or new connector..It saves time from having to build the switch on site.

                    I watch NS cut in a new switch in for the Pttsburgh connector..

                    They basically cut a section of track lifted the section out of the way and installed the new switch-very much like we do it.


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                      Thats what we call panel cars, and thats how turnouts are transported today.

                      I have seen several of these cars on the NS.



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                        Hi All:

                        While researching something completely different, I came across the article regarding the pre-fab turnouts in 1:1 scale.

                        You can check out the December 2008 issue of Model Railroader. In the section, "Information Desk", Jim Hediger has a page devoted to the subject.


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                          Just a quick update on my first post regarding the turnouts on a flat car on a dead end track at Tichborne, ON. Seems the CPR MoW crews are doing something with this load. Over the last few days, they have been moving more equipment onto the siding where the original car is spotted.

                          Today, as I was travelling through Tichborne I noticed a flanger coupled to the flat car, and a road/rail MoW truck, on the passing siding adjacent to the loaded flat.

                          There is another piece of equipment coupled to the other end of the flat, but I cannot see what it is as the crossing is about 500-750 feet east of where all this is happening. Sorry no camera to take photos today.

                          But I thought you might be interested.