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Bachmann 2-6-0 with a Nesmith stack

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  • Bachmann 2-6-0 with a Nesmith stack

    I have not seen a 2-6-0 with a Nesmith stack, was it ever done, if not would it look strange?

    I was thinking of changing the stack on my 2-6-0 to one of these, they are expensive so I don't want to buy it if it will not work.


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    The Tionesta Valley (PA) had several Brooks 2-6-0's that had similar style stacks. Take a look at the third photo down on the left at

    Also, there are many pictures in Walt Caslers Book Railroads of Tionesta Valley or something like that.

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    • #3 might help you out. The stack is appropriate for 2-6-0 with flanged dome rather than round top domes.

      Bill Uffelman

      Usually Las Vegas NV


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        I was thinking about changing to flanged domes. Thanks for the picture.


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          That pic is from Como on the Denver South Park and Pacific (DSP&P). The stack you are looking at is correct for the model.

          How about the Plow? Now that would add some character to your engine!
          It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government. -Thomas Paine

          No, That\'s not a mistake. I did that to give it some extra character. I\'m glad you noticed!


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            Jeff- being from the "Rocky Mtns" like Mike B, I have to say that the pic from Bill U. is pretty cool. The DSP&P had some great engines, and that photo shows a very distinctive one with that big honkin' plow. I don't remember what/where you're modeling, but hey- it's your railroad ! Who's to say that a 2-6-0 didn't have a Nesmith stack? Here's a link to another NG article and photos showing similar engines, with flanged domes, and also a plow.


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              Jeff- I forgot to add that the Nesmith stack, and the Congdon stack in that DSP&P photo, are usually earlier era wood-burning types, rather than later coal or oil-burning engines with a simple diamond stack (like in the link I sent). But many engines lasted a long time and had many modifications done to them over the years, so I see no reason why you can't have a 2-6-0 with a Nesmith, unless you're sticking to a specific prototype.


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                I am modeling Appalachian mount coal hauling. I figured that the big balloon stacks were for wood burners but I was reading through the Mann Creek Ry book and there was something in there that they had to convert a second hand shay they picked up to a balloon stack to control fires through the park they ran through. So I figured that if they had a rod engine they might have had to do the same thing.


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                  That sounds possible. Here in Colorado the C&S used the Bear Trap stack to help prevent fires. It also had a wire top to reduce the hot cinder problem. The Durango and Silverton RR uses a water mister system on the stack to prevent the hot cinders. When it comes to steam, anything goes!
                  It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government. -Thomas Paine

                  No, That\'s not a mistake. I did that to give it some extra character. I\'m glad you noticed!


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                    I was wondering why I was feeling a mist of water on my face when I was riding in one of the open cars on the Silverton.


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                      Hi Jeff - If I can find them this weekend, I will post pictures of some "Cast" resin stacks to see what you think.

                      Here is a picture of my mogul with a plow and a "Bear Trap" that Mike B mentioned.....

                      just for reference.....


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                        boy that plow sure adds some nice detail!


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                          I forgot, Jeff....Instead of waitin for me to post pictures, just go to

                          Dallas's site and check out the resis stacks he has...I have used

                          them for various projects and like them a lot.


                          No affiliation there, he is a member and has some really neat stuff!

                          Thanks for the compliment on the Mogul!


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                            This is from a long time ago with a webcam, but it is my attempt to "Easternize" a Bachmann 2-6-0.

                            The boiler is a smaller 1" dia. The smoke box front is a 42" "climax" from Grandt Line. Other brass parts are from the Backshop (back when you could count on them). I also shortened the tender. Wish I still had it.

                            Jeff, When can we expect to see some On30 pics from you?


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                              Nice lookin Lokie there, Chris.....