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    Good evening,

    As I sometimes like to do, I went through a bunch of old book marks and decided to stop in at my friends website, he has a kit offering. I guess this might go under new product but since Garry has a flair for On30 and the 2' gauge stuff he came up with a kit for a New England style water tank kit. Check out I think he is going to take some to Kimberton this end.


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    excellent.. I enjoyed the gallery.



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      I think the new england Philips water crane kit he has produced was a porject that was built on a yahoo group. Cant remember the exact gropu and ill have to have a look but they have step by step construction of it and detailed drawings and pictures in the files section of the group. Its a very nice project to build.
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        Nice site, and lots of interesting goodies. Thanks for sharing, Steve.


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          Thanks for the positive comments about my site, gentlemen.

          Adrian, my kit has absolutely nothing to do with any group; Yahoo, Yee Ha or Walla Walla Bing Bang. This is a project that I have been wanting to do since I modeled in HOn30 back in the dawn of human kind. Some bubbles just take a long time to rise to the surface.