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1948/1956 Ford F100 pickups- great deals

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  • 1948/1956 Ford F100 pickups- great deals

    Hello Folks,

    Just stumbled onto this link:

    Not sure if this is 1/48 but may be worth checking out since it's $10 plus you get the '56 for free.. the shipping is steep, but the overall price looks good.



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    Those are really neat Art! Too bad they are too "new " for my rr.....but,

    maybe I would order them, just for the "halibut"!

    Thanks for the heads-up!


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      These are 1/32 scale (#1 Gauge). Would be nice in 1/48th. lv4142003


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        That's too bad.. thanks for the info though.



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          Too bad, too, that the green model isn't of a '48 Ford ... but rather a late '49 or '50 ... [!] ...! The true 1948s had raised panels in the bed sides above-around-&-behind the fenders, and the stake pockets were gracefully sculpted pieces (not the square boxy things that came along in late '49 and on!). Of course, the model can't show that only the '48s got stainless steel trim on the hood & grill, while the later models received chrome-plated pot-metal.

          No, really ... I'm not that kind of a rivet-counter ... ... it's just that my first "car" was a '48 Ford pick'em'up truck, and I LOVED! that thing (as only a gear-headed teenager with a hot-rod legend of a father could ... :up: ...!). I've had other hot rod pick-ups since, but nothing compares to your first love!


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            Just a little more info on this deal: I bought into some cars through this company when they had a prewar chevy collection with a flatbed truck and a fire chief coupe on the flat bed. It started me in a collection of about 30 cars in the set. I'm not knocking the set In fact I liked it ,but I'm not that picky.There was some pretty neat cars in the set I'd never seen. It's about a car a month they send you and charge your credt card. You can send it back if you don't like the selection, But it was a long drawn out propersition. The Display stand is seperate cost. The set is nice to look at even now. But to let you know before you get into it is my point.


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              Oops I forgot to tell you I didn't have a problem with the company but my son did. It was a shipping mix-up that was never resolved.


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                Although I've bought one of's from Motormint (same company as National Motor Museum) be cautious of their TV deals as there are many complaints about their sales practices.

                They do not have any 1:48 models that I know of.
                Dave Mason