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    nice , cant wait to see more of this layout, i am tearing mine down as we speak and redesigning it
    On30 Dave

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      Some news on my progress.

      We are running the odd train normally for visitors. The layout room resembles a tip, but this is quite normal during a construction period. Its is for me anyway!. .

      The Queen bee in the house has sugguested I take the whole study for the layout. I of course accepted without hestitation ! So there are going to be some modifications to the layout shortly. At least I can run a few trains now and again. I'm also waiting a shipment of ties from right Tracks in Canada to I can complete the tressel tops. Everything I make has to be machined in my own workshop as their is no Brass wood supplies here, and imports can be slow depending on the vender.

      I find all the Bachmann On30 loco's to be really smooth runners, I'm not so fond of stuff fitted with QSI decoders, the sound is poor compaired to a Soundtraxx Tusnanmi and I'm thinking of modifiying my 2 C16's Broadways when I get a spare moment or two.

      As you can see I've started some tressel Bents I've only got a few dozen to go to bridge Malago Falls

      I would descibe my progress as enthusiastic !


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        Great progress ... nice modules ...
        Tom M.


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          hard, nice layout and the benchwork looks great.

          I'm curiuos about your blinds on the windows. How do you close them and is this one large blind for all the windows?


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            The former Study (layout room) is on a 2nd floor so the blinds arn't really necessay and were installed by the previous owners. I just left them in place. "but if i take my mini steps I can close them".The sun can be very harsh here, but the back scene will keep most of that at bay.