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Showing the start of the Shadetree -and- Nepean circa

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  • Showing the start of the Shadetree -and- Nepean circa

    I began building the railroad in 1993. The layout was designed by an old friend, Grant Knowles.

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    Don. Here is a repost of your pictures.

    I began building the railroad in 1993. The layout was designed by an old friend, Grant Knowles.

    I invited a few friends over to give me a hand. among them, Bob Farquhar and Mike Pasch.

    Here Mike Pasch is working on aligning tracks.
    Chris Lyon


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      Hi Don,

      What is the reason for the (what looks like) paper walls on the sides of the track and roadbed? Is it a safety barrier for the trains or a temporary thing as you work on the track? Looking forward to more pics!! Keep up the good work![^]
      Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

      Andy Keeney

      Dewitt, MI


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        Hello Andy,

        As you can see I had problems posting, and had to contact my old friend Chris to get me started. As far as the so-called paper wall, It was a temporary barrier to prevent equipment falling to the concrete floor.

        Don in Ottawa


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          Here's my friend Bob building a nice rock wall around Farquhar curve leave the town of Nepean.


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            This is what the layout designer looks like, Grant Knowles. He is a great carpenter and managed to layout all of the L-girders by himself.


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              Here's Don's pic:

              Looks like you have a nice layout in the making Don! :up:


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                Thanks Tyson,

                I will be posting other pics over the next while. I have had great friends around the Ottawa area helping me with the layout, and it's much appreciated. I love operating sessions, and being a member of the Friday Night Group really opens your eyes.

                Don in Ottawa


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                  The Shadetree & Nepean is an HO style layout measuring 10'X 16'.

                  It's described as a single level folded over dogbone with Branch lines and Interchanges.

                  The layout height is 52".The roadbed is cork and Homasote on plywood subroadbed.

                  Minimum radius curves are 24". The scenery is plaster cloth hardshell. The power system is North Coast Engineering with 5 wireless or tethered cabs.

                  Typical operating crew 4 to 6 2 man crews.

                  This picture shows a part of the upper yard called Viewmount


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                    Hey Don,

                    Glad to see you posting.

                    I guess I'll have to get some of my shots on too as we have had fun at your layout with the FNGers.

                    Of course, I have posted a few shots on the FNG thread.

                    Again, Don, glad to see your thread.[:-bouncy]



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                      Holy smokes Don, do those photos make me feel old.

                      I did not realize it was 1993 when Grant, Bob and I can over one Thursday evening and demolished your old layout in just a few hours!

                      Your layout has come a long way in that time. It has been a pleasure helping, in my little way, build the "Shadetree and Nepean". It is truly a layout you should be proud of.

                      Great stuff! :up: :up:


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                        Thanks Michael for the kind words.

                        Also, we shouldn't forget our dearly-departed friend, Howard Scodras, who worked tirelessly on re-wiring the layout in its final stages. (I guess because you were the youngest of the group, you got to do the dirty work, under the layout).

                        Hopefuly this year, I will be able to put a big push on scenery. And I will come out with more pictures.

                        Don in Ottawa